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Monday, March 06, 2006

Classroom Uses of Flickr

I had a great time with my presentation "Using Flickr in the Classroom" at IL-TCE. Here is a list of classroom applications of Flickr that I discussed in my presentation.

Use Flickr:

Anywhere visual images are required, such as presentation, etc.

For single image analysis.

For single image writing prompt (see my Flickrsites page under Learning Applications for a list of images that could be used as creative writing prompts) as well as for Flicktion, where an individual will post an image and a person will start a story as a comment, with the story continued by multiple viewers adding more to the story through comments.

For multiple image digital storytelling projects.

For creating slides shows within Flickr.

For virtual Field Trips, and be sure to click on Most Interesting to see the best images.

For the creation of visual arguments, e.g. in a biology classroom- such as The Case for Genetic Engineering.

For illustrating poetry with Flickr, such Flickr meets Carl Sandburg where I illustrate Sandburg's Chicago, with tags as well as single images.

For geotagging images in Flickr and then using Google Earth to teach Geography.

for the visual documentation of school events.

for the visual documentation of student artwork and other school learning products.

for the creation of digital visual portfolios, using the photoset function of Flickr.

to teach about social software: how to tag, how to make comments, etc. (where are we teaching kids how to constructively comment on the work of others?).

for th delivery of school/classroom visual information via RSS.

to teach about the intellectual property using Flickr Creative Commons licensing. Not many in my session (almost 200) had seen or heard of Creative Commons. Also, using a variety of tools (FlickrLilli, Flickr Creative Commons, and Todd's Search Page) to teach kids how to search Flickr's various pools of Creative Commons licensed photography.

The use of third party Flickr applications to produce classroom products, such as motivational posters, movie posters, Flickr slideshows, and mosaic makers.

If you haven't seen Flickr Leech (now there is an interesting name), check it out here. To see my photostream in Flickr Leech, click on the By Username and enter dj1.

Also, check out two very nice tutorials on getting a Flickr account and uploading images to Flickr by Jasen Leathers of Leathtech.

If you have a creative application of this great resource, please contribute ideas to my Flickr wiki on the classroom application of Flickr.

Also, I have updated my Flickrsites page on to include many new resources, including the great Flickr song I ended my presentation with.

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  • At 12:16 AM , Blogger Rachel Boyd said...

    Hi there!

    Gosh, you wrote this over a year ago and I've just stumbled upon it now! Many thanks for the link to your Flickr site page, I found it very useful. I am a classroom Teacher from New Zealand and my class has a Flickr site/blog and all the rest of it also.

    Many thanks for the great post.
    Kind regards, Rachel


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