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Friday, March 03, 2006

Warlickisms and Telling the New Story

On the final day of the Illinois Technology Conference (IL-TCE), David Warlick addressed the audience in the opening keynote. David's keynote was Telling the New Story...

Joe Brennan introduced Dave. He's set everyone up with his famous y'all and grits thing...and it works well in Northern Illinois. I was disappointed he didn't make everyone say Gaaa-rrriiiittts.
Dave's also did his famous photoshop thing with his picture about how it takes 9 hours of photoshop work to get his picture like that. As usual, it works and everyone laughs...

Here are my favorite Warlickism's from Telling the New Story:

The shape of information is changing. Information is digital, networked and overwhelming. I would add also: immediate, manipulatable, visual and participatory.

David showed an animated movie of an elephant walking and getting ready to jump on a trampoline. The metaphor for education is apparent. The elephant jumps on the trampoline and starts doing backflips, which is pretty funny.

How can we get education to do this?

We got to take an elephant and train it to jump on the trampoline in new ways.

If Walmart was a country it would be China's eighth biggest trading partner.

The future is not secure-in the industrial age, schools taught what you needed to know-we need to prepare them for the future of opportunity.

Kids have invented a new language (Instant messaging). We would have set up a committee of standards first...

It's going to take a new type of mind.

Our kids are still in the information age assembly line. We are installing math into them.

We have our quality control enginneers that expect them to think and act in the same way...

We need to celebrate differences!

Kids are not human-they have tentacles-they see them selves differently-we chop those tentacles off and they don't like it-we don't understand their ways. The tentacles were holding on to cell phones, etc.

Teachers should be the strategy guy-the cheats and the shortcuts to learning are the curriculum.

The answer to new questions will come from new places, and may have been said yesterday.

Everything is clickable, even their parents-not Dave, but Vinod Kohsia

What does the clickable curriclum and classroom and teacher look like?

What does the classroom learning engine look like?

What does the textbook look like when it doesn't want to play with me?

The future can not be predicted, teach students and teachers how to teach themselves.

ya'll will be here till 11:00.

David, that sound's pretty good...

Presentation handouts can be found at

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  • At 8:13 PM , Blogger Charlene Chausis said...

    I think the elephant cartoon is a good example because even though they have the same number of bones in their feet as other mammals, elephants can't jump.


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