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Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Next Great Medium

Many of the feeds I get into my aggregrator on a daily basis talk about the enormous capability of RSS, Furl, etc. to deliver information to the desktop, and potentially, the desktop of our students. I'm also amazed at the ability of individuals to take the ideas of others and repurpose those into fresh insights relative to their context. Of course, these capabilities are changing how we view the very nature of information literacy. Yet, we also must be concerned about a new emerging literacy-multimedia literacy. At the heart of this new literacy is the process of digital storytelling-the ability to take a personal story, add voice, video, imagery and music to create a truly compelling message that can be shared online. To explore this process in more detail, I've created a new blog entitled The Competitive Voice, which will discuss issues central to the idea that students have compelling stories, and will need a competitive voice in a media-centric world.


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