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Friday, December 02, 2005

Digital Storytelling-Day 2

In this session, we showed the kids Flickr and it was a new experience for them-none had seen or heard about the site, and these kids are high school seniors. We also talked with the kids about intellectual property rights and how to include appropriately licensed music and imagery in their storytelling projects-none had seen or heard of Creative Commons licensing. So, we've got some work to do but I wasn't entirely surprised-we often over-estimate how tech aware our kids are.

We've given the kids a set of tools to work with, including traditional image sources such as Google, Mamma, and alltheweb. We also have encouraged them to share their completed digital stories online at, but this will require them to use their own images, or use images and music from sites where the original authors have permitted use through Creative Commons licensing. Since we haven't made it a requirement, I'll be interested to see how many make digital stories that are 100% sensitive to copyright.

Monday: storyboarding and image visualization


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