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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digital Storytelling Dorito's Style

I was watching the ABC network national news last night and they had a story on the Doritos Super Bowl commerical competition. There's been over a 1000 entries into the contest with five finalists.

Evidently, the cost of a 30 second SuperBowl spot costs 2.6 million dollars U.S., plus the ad agency fees for developing the commercial. So Frito-Lay, the producer of Doritos, gets this bright idea to tap into the creativity of everyone, everywhere and get some "user-generated content" (the ABC report actually used that terminology-good for them). And the five that they finished with are-in my opinion-as good as I've seen during previous SuperBowls. Here are my favorites:

Live the Flavor:
-Smallest Budget (Total = $12.79)
-Smallest Crew (Cast/Crew = 5 people)
-Shortest Production Time (4 days... including concept development)
-Youngest Crew (age 22 and younger)

jumpcut movie:Live the Flavor

Yes, it cost them $12.79 to make. $12.79! And all are 22 or under. By the way, it's hosted at JumpCut.

A Chip Lover's Dream
41 year old guy spends 150 bucks to make a movie about rock-climbing when he falls with a bag of Doritos, and can only think of eating as many as he can before he pancakes himself. Check out his face as he's falling...

jumpcut movie:A Chip Lovers Dream

And then finally, Check-Out Girl. I'm laughing real hard right now...

jumpcut movie:CHECK OUT GIRL

The NFL has done this successfully this year as well. Here's the winner. Not so good news for Chevrolet, which had a contest backfire about a video contest for an SUV. You can imagine the global warming movies...

But like my last post, this is why we need to teach kids how to tell stories using the technology of their generation.

How long before you see a video letter to the editor of the local newspaper?

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