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Monday, May 14, 2007

More Flickr Storm-Alzheimer's Photoset

I receive the RSS feed from for digitalstorytelling and yesterday I saw the first instance of a photoset from Flickr Storm being saved into and distributed by RSS. The photoset is on Alzheimer's Disease and was from the account of mmcoleman (I'm not sure if this person created the set or just found it somewhere else). Anyway, the images are outstanding and are reflective of a really thoughtful and creative selection process. They're a mix of a variety of Creative Commons licenses, but there are also images that are stamped All Rights Reserved, so I wouldn't use some of the images for a digital story that was to be distributed over the Web. But if you are familiar with digital storytelling, you can see the potential...

Imagine if everyone did a single, 30 image photoset on a particular topic, hosted on a wiki....together we could develop a clearinghouse of images for kids.

View the images here. What story would you tell?

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