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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Letter to Principal Warlick

This Monday, in the Techlearning Blog, David Warlick posted a letter from a ficticious principal to the parents of his school. In the letter, the principal apologizes for the obvious failure of his school to prepare students adequately for many of the new literacies that are now so obviously critical to the success of learners now and in the future.

I've responded as the ficticious parent, in a post entitled:

A Letter to Principal Warlick

Thank you for your letter of January 23, 2006. As a parent of two students in your school, I was deeply concerned and saddened by your admission of failure. I have had a chance to talk with my kids about the content of your letter and that, along with my own observations about the school's climate and culture, indicate that your letter is indeed truthful....

Read the rest of the letter at the blog.

David Jakes publishes every Thursday at Techlearning. See his T+L posts here and meet the rest of the T+L Blogerati.


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