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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just wondering...NECC

This is my fourth post of the day-very WesFryer-esqe.

I'm wondering if there was a difference in the perception of NECC by bloggers and those who do not blog. The connectivity that we share as bloggers constantly exposes us to new resources and ideas from some of the best technology minds that are out there. We're tapped in-we get constant updates in our aggregators about what is happening. Was NECC anticlimactic for most bloggers (perhaps that is not the best word)? But has our blogging experience raised expectations for what a conference like that should be? Has it changed our expectations compared to our non-blogging counterparts? I would think so, with probably an emphasis on conversation being the most identifyable difference. If that is so, then the more people that become bloggers, the more quickly we can get past "what is a wiki" to the more important and meaningful conversations about improving what we do.

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  • At 6:51 AM , Anonymous JoshT said...

    A good point, David. As a blogger, I've come to depend on the conversations that are happening "out there." I think other bloggers are in the same boat. And I know that too often I take for granted the importance of the that conversation and moreover the obviousness of that importance. For those who don't read/write blogs and for whom that conversation has never been a vital part of their days, they wouldn't miss -- or even notice it wasn't there.

    I'm firmly convinced this type of peer-reviewed, professional development and reflection that occurs in the blogosphere is a major step forward for education. I also believe that the concept is nearing a tipping point, but we ain't there yet. Once we are, I hope we can expect the conversations at conferences and workshops (and throughout the year) to increase and improve and enrich all who are taking part in it. (sure, go ahead, call me an idealist!)

  • At 6:57 PM , Blogger JenW said...

    I think you raise some good questions to consider about the conference.

    I, myself, had committed to blogging a couple of sessions plua put my final thoughts together as well each day.

    The sessions that I was blogging had a totally different experience for me.

    Though it was probably self-imposed, I felt a necessity to "get every word" and allow readers to feel as if they were "there". There was no relaxing and just enjoying the speaker because I had to "conquer" the session. (grins, if I may be so presumptuous) :)

    The sessions that I attended to just learn -- were not only much more enjoyed but there also was not an anxiousness or need to produce a product at the end.

    I think you are quite right!! Very good observation.


  • At 8:46 AM , Blogger Scott Walters said...

    I think the difference in expectations you mention has been the same at any educational technology conference (and workshop, for that matter) I've attended. There is always a wide range of experience and knowledge. I remember not so long ago (March, I believe -- God, I can't believe it has been such a short amount of time), I was at my first technology conference session where someone mentioned Skype and wikis, and I had to ask what they were. During a keynote, NITLE's Bryan Alexander mentioned Will Richardson's book, which fortunately my library had, and a whole new world opened up.

    The problem now that I know a few things is that I want more high-level ideas, and much of NECC was mainly introductory and how-to. What to do? I'm not certain. I like David Warlick's idea of a non-stop blogger meet-up site in Atlanta, and I also was in favor of an unconference for bloggers prior to the Atlanta conference (I suggested Asheville, where I live, but Will felt it should be in Atlanta for efficiency and convenience). Perhaps a NECC track for advanced knowledge?

    By the way, it was great meeting you at the blogger meet-up.


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