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Monday, September 25, 2006

Are you ready for

I just got up and walked away from my TV. Couldn't take it. I was watching that made for television crap about the rebirth of New Orleans, and "When the Saints Come Marching Home...on Monday Night Football.

Why must the rebirth of a great city be declared with U2 and Green Day in "pre-game festivities." Doesn't that just scream America-and why am I thinking Wag The Dog?

How dramatic. U2 singing Beautiful Day. I wonder how beautiful the day was for the residents of the 8th or 9th Ward? And does the repair of the Superdome and the return of a football team really bring that much back to a city where the majority of the residents probably couldn't even afford the cost of attending a game, pre-Katrina?

Yes, the SuperDome is a much different place today, compared to the horrors following Katrina that took place there. But why did they even have to take place, in the first place.

Now the National Anthem is being sung. I'm as patriotic as the next, but the song sounds hollow, considering our inability to help those who needed it most, when they needed it most.

If you want a reality check, take a look at Brandonj74's photoset on Katrina if you want to remember what those people went through. And if you want Katrina terror in one single picture, take a look at Lake Burger King, 4 miles inland at Biloxi, with a single stop sign hopelessly pleading for it to stop....

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