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Thursday, March 01, 2007

CUE 2007

I'm in Palm Springs, California for the CUE 2007 Conference, which is considerably better than the sleet, snow and thunderstorms (?) in Chicago. It pretty much rocks here.

Tomorrow I'm being interviewed for CUE Live! with Chris Walsh, on the conference floor. I'm somewhat apprehensive and hope I don't make a complete idiot of myself-Will Richardson is also supposed to be part of this. But I feel honored just to be asked.

My presentation day starts with a 20 minute Cue Tip (cool name) presentation on Flickr, entitled Got Flickr?

I follow that with a breakout on RSS called RSS! The New Information Pipeline. I've put together a page on my Web site that supports the presentation, the presentation is also posted at Slideshare.

Will is presenting a spotlight on the same topic an hour before so I'll have maybe three people.

None the less, the conference lineup looks pretty good and after missing METC in St. Louis due to illness, it's nice to be here.

Tomorrow night from 9-midnight they will be teaching everyone how to play World of Warcraft. That should prove humerous.

I'll be posting on the sessions here, and be sure to check out Hitchhikr as well.

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  • At 7:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Come say HELLO -- I would love to meet you at CUE.

    I teach Kidspiration at 8 am in the Mesquite Room on Saturday (yawn) and then am FREE the rest of the day.

    I would love to shake your hand and say "THANKS" for all you do for tech.

    Jennifer Wagner


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