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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Want This and I Want It Now

From Google Earth News comes word of the Internet Umbrella. Yes, that's right an Internet umbrella. Here are the details:

The umbrella:
  • is wireless
  • is capable of taking pictures with a wrist snap
  • has a built in screen, a digital compass, GPS, and a motion detector
  • is capable of uploading images to Flickr, receiving photostreams from the same, as well as video from YouTube.
But here is the really cool thing. It interacts with Google Earth, so a user can walk through a city and see his/her location in Google Earth in the umbrella screen! This of course is fueled by the onboard GPS.

From the Web site, about future development: "As a future direction of its development, putting a context data on the Internet (e.g. geo-tags on photos), it will be able to provide social local-navigations, social local-ads, and real-time in-place communications. The product aims to provide an augmentation of everyday life synchronizing information on the Internet and the real place."

Synchronizing information and real place. Very cool. And if you want a fascinating read from Seth Godin, on Web 4.0, and his perspectives on the intersection of information and place, don't miss this article.

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