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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tim Tyson Keynote at BLC-Chatcast

Tim Tyson's Keynote at BLC 2007

[5:56:33 AM] Dean Shareski says: this will give david something to do...edit this chatcast.......why don't you develop a tool/script to do that?
[5:57:48 AM] Barbara says: How do we keep policy from being the ceiling?
[5:58:04 AM] Will Richardson says: Alan speaking...says NCLB is increasing the gap because private schools are allowing kids to be more creative since they don't have to teach to the test
[5:58:15 AM] David Jakes says: Great idea Dean
[5:58:17 AM] Carolyn Foote says: charter schools also
[5:59:12 AM] Brian Mull says: There still is a lot of teaching to the test in private schools though...but better
[5:59:16 AM] Barbara says: Even with more flexibility we still have to show data
[5:59:18 AM] Carolyn Foote says: ironic, a person in our district leadership saw me yesterday. said these tools are all great, but we have ayp to worry about also. He's enthused...but....
[6:00:09 AM] David Jakes says: AYP has fundamentally changed how we approach education in our district
[6:00:28 AM] David Jakes says: Tim Tyson is now on-let the chat begin
[6:00:53 AM] David Jakes says: Do kids have the capacity to make a significan contribution to our world?
[6:01:11 AM] Will Richardson says: guesses...90% will say they do...
[6:01:10 AM] David Jakes says: He is now doing a poll with the audience.
[6:01:22 AM] Will Richardson says: 76%
[6:01:28 AM] * David Jakes added dkuropatwa to this chat
[6:01:32 AM] David Jakes says: Welcome Darren
[6:01:51 AM] Will Richardson says: How many kids did something that contributed to the world?
[6:01:58 AM] Will Richardson says: I'm wondering if he means in school.
[6:02:04 AM] Will Richardson says: If he does, not my kids
[6:02:42 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I think mine did. She organized the whole school to send birthday letters to a young boy w. cancer.
[6:02:53 AM] Barbara says: what does in school mean is that corporate vs individual
[6:02:56 AM] David Jakes says: The Gift of Meaninfgul and Significant Global Contribution is the title
[6:03:13 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: reread Will. Year, MY kids didn't my students did. That stings.
[6:03:46 AM] David Jakes says: Now talking about the Phantom Tollbooth
[6:05:10 AM] Carolyn Foote says: One of my favorite books
[6:06:26 AM] David Jakes says: Wants us to reconnect with our childhood inspiration-he wants to shake some dust off our current perspectives
[6:07:04 AM] David Jakes says: Showing a picture of the Tyson family and talking about his grandparents
[6:07:25 AM] David Jakes says: great grandparents
[6:07:41 AM] * Darren Kuropatwa added graham_wegner to this chat
[6:08:17 AM] David Jakes says: Hello Graham
[6:08:25 AM] * Darren Kuropatwa added edventures to this chat
[6:08:27 AM] Graham Wegner says: Hi David
[6:08:31 AM] Will Richardson says: Hey Graham
[6:08:37 AM] Graham Wegner says: G'day
[6:08:56 AM] Graham Wegner says: And I was about to head to bed!!
[6:08:57 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Hi graham and John
[6:09:38 AM] Graham Wegner says: So is Dean speaking?
[6:09:47 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Tim Tyson.
[6:09:52 AM] Barbara says: Using Google earth to highlight changes in the town paper mill over time
[6:09:55 AM] Graham Wegner says: Ah!!!
[6:10:23 AM] * Brian Mull added teach42 to this chat
[6:10:54 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: He's talking about changes in his home town. Terrible poverty and unemployment.
[6:11:06 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Hi Steve
[6:11:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: He figures this out before visiting by counting cars at the paper mill using google earth.
[6:11:22 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Barbara, how is he showing that on Google earth?
[6:11:32 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Zoomed in on the parking lot.
[6:11:35 AM] Carolyn Foote says: ok.
[6:11:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Midday.
[6:12:06 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Tim: Read A Whole Newq Mind by Dan Pink.
[6:12:13 AM] Graham Wegner says: Google Earth pics in Oz are a few yrs old - a teacher worked that out by noticing a pergola missing from the back of their house.
[6:12:45 AM] Steve Dembo says: Greetings! Thanks for adding me in
[6:12:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: What's a "pergola"?
[6:13:12 AM] Carolyn Foote says: lol, darren.
[6:13:17 AM] Carolyn Foote says: It's like a gazebo but not.
[6:13:23 AM] Barbara says: Discussing Daniel Pink's Book
[6:13:25 AM] Graham Wegner says: like a verandah but not fully covered
[6:13:33 AM] Will Richardson says: jakes just dropped out and I can't see him on my list...can someone add him?
[6:13:35 AM] Brian Mull says: No prob Steve
[6:13:47 AM] Carolyn Foote says: my family has an inside joke about that, sorry
[6:13:48 AM] Carolyn Foote says: pergola
[6:14:03 AM] Brian Mull says: I have him in mine, Will
[6:09:07 AM] David Jakes says: Showing Prichard Alabama in Google Earth where the Tyson family lived
[6:10:41 AM] David Jakes says: I keep getting dropped
[6:12:40 AM] * David Jakes left this chat
[6:14:07 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I see David on my list. He's in the chat.
[6:14:22 AM] Carolyn Foote says: he's not on my invite list either
[6:14:26 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: What about Dean? He looks offline in my list.
[6:14:39 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Daniel's book is excellent.
[6:12:25 AM] Dean Shareski says: Quoting Dan Pink
[6:13:09 AM] Dean Shareski says: Competition vs. Collaboration....what's the balance? Are these "competing" ideas?
[6:14:47 AM] Graham Wegner says: tnx everyone - got to hit the hay
[6:14:53 AM] Will Richardson says: The connection here is really slow
[6:14:57 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Nite Graham.
[6:15:06 AM] Graham Wegner says: cheers
[6:15:06 AM] Will Richardson says: Now talking about Dewey...a hero to him.
[6:15:18 AM] * Barbara added David Jakes to this chat
[6:15:18 AM] Will Richardson says: active process of learning...
[6:15:22 AM] Will Richardson says: I got a quote for you...
[6:15:26 AM] Will Richardson says: "We have been seduced by our inability to imagine ourselves as superfluous to student learning."
[6:15:37 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Learning is active proceess on part of learner. it;'s social and mediated by construction of artifacts
[6:15:37 AM] Will Richardson says: That's from a NZ blogger
[6:15:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Sounds like Project based learning to me.
[6:16:03 AM] Barbara says: Who is doing all of the Thinking work in your classes...teachers or students
[6:16:03 AM] Carolyn Foote says: great quote will. librarians would struggle with that.
[6:16:06 AM] Will Richardson says: He's heavy into project based learning.
[6:16:08 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Who is doing all of the thinking woirk?
[6:16:27 AM] Will Richardson says: Saying EVERYTHING has been transformed.
[6:16:39 AM] Will Richardson says: by technology.
[6:16:45 AM] Will Richardson says: Except school.
[6:16:49 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: My dept. feels that the project work our kids do is the best sort of learning that they doi.
[6:17:06 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: School is iorrelevent to their p[resent and future.
[6:17:11 AM] Will Richardson says: Jakes doing a reboot
[6:17:34 AM] Will Richardson says: Believes this is an opportunity...
[6:17:50 AM] Will Richardson says: I'm not sure I agree that students think school is irrelevant to their futures.
[6:17:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: School 2.0
[6:17:55 AM] Steve Dembo says: School is irrelevant to their present and future?
[6:18:00 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: authentically engaged learners
[6:18:14 AM] Steve Dembo says: Can anyone elaborate on what he meant by that?
[6:18:32 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I think students struggle "against" school's requirements but basically accept the premise of it.
[6:18:34 AM] Barbara says: which comment
[6:18:37 AM] Will Richardson says: That our kids are checking out.
[6:18:38 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I think kids think of school as a hoop they have to jump through to get to the next hoop.
[6:18:41 AM] Will Richardson says: I agree Carolyn.
[6:19:04 AM] Barbara says: I agree Darren
[6:19:17 AM] Will Richardson says: I think they see it as relevant...but in reality, it's relevance is in question.
[6:19:30 AM] Will Richardson says: His School 2.0 list misses the networking aspect, I think.
[6:19:38 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Well, I'm not sure they are totally checking out...but they check out on some courses, not on others. I do think some do think it is relevant, yes, Will..I agree.
[6:19:42 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Connectedness, meaningfullness, significance, contribution
[6:19:47 AM] Carolyn Foote says: We dont even network within the school
[6:19:57 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Says "contribution" has kids working at the highest level of Bloom's
[6:20:01 AM] Carolyn Foote says: We don't talk to each other WITHIN the walls
[6:20:03 AM] Carolyn Foote says: much less outside of them.
[6:20:19 AM] Barbara says: Connectdness, meaningfulness, significance, contribution he says are the keys with contribution being most important
[6:20:25 AM] Carolyn Foote says: typically, that is.
[6:20:41 AM] David Jakes says: sweet, I'm back
[6:21:00 AM] * Brian Mull added lainiemcgann to this chat
[6:21:08 AM] Carolyn Foote says: welcome back
[6:21:17 AM] Steve Dembo says: The fact that most schools ban students from networking together makes me crazy.
[6:21:11 AM] David Jakes says: mine too
[6:21:30 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Steve, you mean via web 2.0 tools
[6:21:33 AM] Will Richardson says: I think contribution is important....but there is more to it.
[6:21:36 AM] Steve Dembo says: I mean online.
[6:21:39 AM] Carolyn Foote says: ok
[6:21:45 AM] Steve Dembo says: Doesn't need to be web2.0
[6:21:49 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Talking about a kid who got an A on a project and wanted to continue working on so that it would be published online so that "everyone on earth can see it."
[6:22:01 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Tim hasd promised as much on the 2nd day of school.
[6:22:37 AM] Will Richardson says: They are doing a great job of publishing at Mabry.
[6:22:45 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I think where we need to do work is with administrators and IT departments. They just don't understand.
[6:25:20 AM] Barbara says: they do not grade the work posted on their web site?
[6:27:22 AM] Carolyn Foote says: and made connections with their own families that they wouldn't have otherwise
[6:27:22 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Will exactly.
[6:27:38 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Carolyn Yes, but will it continue?
[6:27:38 AM] Will Richardson says: So I'm hoping he talks about how that plays out at Mabry.
[6:23:21 AM] Will Richardson says: I wish he would talk more about what happens AFTER the publishing part.
[6:23:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Now that Tim has left mabry will it continue? Will it scale to the next admin? with the teachers keep it alive?
[6:23:50 AM] Steve Dembo says: Do you need parent buy-in in order to get the adminstrators to move en masse? Or is there a pressure point from within the school community?
[6:23:55 AM] Will Richardson says: The publishing piece? Probably.
[6:24:09 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Right, Darren--the leadership makes a tremendous difference right now.
[6:24:09 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Is Mabry's success scalable?
[6:24:20 AM] Carolyn Foote says: If it were more grass roots, then you know it would be sustained.
[6:24:34 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: The teachers could lead if the principle doesn't ...
[6:24:41 AM] Will Richardson says: Is Mabry a "success?" (I'm being a noodge, I know.
[6:24:42 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: if they have the passion to dso so but will they?
[6:24:44 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Steve, our principal started a commitee that included parents, to help with that.
[6:24:54 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: It''ll be interesting to see what's coming out of Mabry in year.
[6:25:03 AM] Will Richardson says: (Jakes is having connection problems.)
[6:25:11 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Will Isn't it?
[6:25:16 AM] Will Richardson says: Talking about assessment...
[6:25:25 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Noodgfing back. ;)
[6:25:38 AM] Will Richardson says: @Darren It is if the goal is publishing and learning how to publish.
[6:25:47 AM] Will Richardson says: My question is, is that enough?
[6:25:51 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I think it's also a success in providing examples for principals of what you can do
[6:25:55 AM] Steve Dembo says: gtg, thanks for the conversation.
[6:25:56 AM] Will Richardson says: And maybe he'll answer that as well.
[6:25:57 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Discussing life long learning
[6:26:03 AM] Carolyn Foote says: bye steve
[6:26:11 AM] * Steve Dembo left this chat
[6:26:11 AM] Will Richardson says: Don't drown Steve!
[6:26:18 AM] Carolyn Foote says: welcome back David
[6:26:30 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: It's more than just publishing ... it's what they are publishing and the degree to which the community is involved.
[6:26:46 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Their film festival is a community event, isn't it?
[6:26:58 AM] Will Richardson says: (Will sounding like broken record) It's the connections you make around the publishing.
[6:27:00 AM] Carolyn Foote says: And it sounds like their students have gone on and pursued this
[6:27:04 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Tim comp just spoke up to say he's running on reserve power. :D
[6:28:13 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Yes, I wonder about that Darren.
[6:28:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Barbra I don't know but I imagine they grade it but don't publish the grades .... I think that would be a problem of confidentiallity.
[6:28:33 AM] Will Richardson says: I think in all of this we need to ask, "what are kids learning?"
[6:28:45 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: "When does meaningfulness start?"
[6:28:53 AM] Carolyn Foote says: But isn't making a contribution part of what they are learning? that they can make one?
[6:29:18 AM] Carolyn Foote says: that a message well crafted can communicate? that they have personal power?
[6:29:25 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Will Not What, but how. And are they internalizing a respect and value for learning.
[6:29:36 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I like that question Darren. Heard Tim at NECC
[6:29:37 AM] Will Richardson says: @carolyn no doubt. But I'm wondering if that is the ultimate goal
[6:29:45 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: "What's on their minds?"
[6:30:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Tim's kids wanted to do a project on human embryonic stem cell research and he let them do it.
[6:30:41 AM] Barbara says: When as an admin we do heavy lifiting on projects embedding the vision is hard work
[6:30:36 AM] Will Richardson says: Is tim's answer that meangingfullness starts when we publish good work to the world?
[6:30:59 AM] Will Richardson says: I think I would argue that meaningfullness really begins with the conversations and the learning that occurs around what is being published.
[6:31:18 AM] Barbara says: he said contribution was key so maybe yes...not sure if i agree
[6:31:13 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: They wanted to go on field trip to univ. to talk to researcher, tim said yes ... with parental permission and they wanted to go too.
[6:32:23 AM] Will Richardson says: he told this story at NECC...can hear the podcast on Wes's site
[6:32:41 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Can it be around both, Will?
[6:33:01 AM] Carolyn Foote says: the learning, and the conversation afterwards?
[6:33:06 AM] Will Richardson says: Both what?
[6:33:13 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Reasearcher p[resentede high level info on what she does and why. Gave balanced view of why people think she shouldn't so the work she does.
[6:33:25 AM] Will Richardson says: he's talking...his kids have a blog where they connect with researchers at Emory..
[6:33:29 AM] Will Richardson says: That's making a connection.
[6:33:39 AM] Will Richardson says: That's building a network.
[6:33:49 AM] Will Richardson says: These are really amazing projects.
[6:34:08 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: He empowerede his kids to direct their learning after internalizing a passion to know.
[6:34:32 AM] Carolyn Foote says: They are authentic projects
[6:35:14 AM] Carolyn Foote says: because they are real world research
[6:35:19 AM] Carolyn Foote says: not just within the walls of the school or walls of the internet
[6:35:25 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Sharing movies his students have made: 1st "Organ Donation"
[6:35:32 AM] Will Richardson says: Absolutely
[6:35:45 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Theme of film festival: Making Our World a better place."
[6:36:01 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I thnk it can be found at mabryonline
[6:36:19 AM] Barbara says: the ground work for real world research is connecting the students with people and least junior high kids do not get it unless there is a face and place
[6:36:42 AM] Carolyn Foote says: It is, Darren..the winning films are online
[6:36:58 AM] Barbara says: if not on mabryonline it is on itunes
[6:36:58 AM] Will Richardson says: You know what? What these kids are doing is good journalism.
[6:37:04 AM] Will Richardson says: With a dose of activism.
[6:37:06 AM] Carolyn Foote says: It is, isn't it
[6:37:26 AM] Carolyn Foote says: But..sometimes I question mixing the two
[6:37:32 AM] Will Richardson says: Learning on steroids.
[6:37:38 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Our journalists often don't know how to be good journalists
[6:37:49 AM] Carolyn Foote says: because they mix in too much opinion
[6:37:58 AM] Carolyn Foote says: and bias
[6:38:16 AM] Carolyn Foote says: It reminds me of the I-search paper
[6:38:21 AM] Carolyn Foote says: very similar
[6:38:30 AM] Carolyn Foote says: you tell your journey, and then share your research
[6:38:45 AM] Will Richardson says: Yep...only it;s the I-search movie...good stuff.
[6:39:10 AM] Carolyn Foote says: right
[6:40:11 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Next: "Genetically Modified Foods"
[6:40:27 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Frankengenes
[6:40:45 AM] Will Richardson says: Jakes and Shareski have dropped from the chat
[6:41:08 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: The movie changed how one kid's family bought food.
[6:41:26 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: real learning is when what you learn changes you in some way.
[6:41:33 AM] Will Richardson says: yep
[6:42:29 AM] Will Richardson says: I also wonder how much pd it took to get the teachers ready to support these types of projects.
[6:42:32 AM] Barbara says: Maybe Darren how do you apply that to math
[6:42:45 AM] Carolyn Foote says: David Jakes was trying to skypecast this for later
[6:42:53 AM] Will Richardson says: And it's obvious that Tim is really facile with technology...he's able to model it in his practice.
[6:43:01 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Will, I agree, they are very professionally done.
[6:43:28 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Barbra I try to change the way they think.
[6:43:29 AM] Barbara says: They had some technical advisors ...I think parents
[6:43:42 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Math is about how you approach problem solving
[6:44:15 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Next;"Child Slave Labour On The Ivory Coast"
[6:22:07 AM] Dean Shareski says: they don't need to go to school to contribute or post....they already have their own networks
[6:46:15 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: The focus seems to be the connection between child slave labour vis a vis chocolate. I think Nancy White would cry if she heard this. ;)
[6:46:21 AM] Barbara says: The movies highlight issues but they do not reveal the research..the process of validating info and thinking
[6:47:28 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Barbara that's the part that should be invisible in the final product ... that's where the teaccher comes in. To ensure those things are done.
[6:47:56 AM] Dean Shareski says: dropped skype many this getting through
[6:48:21 AM] Carolyn Foote says: yes, Dean, I see you
[6:48:22 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Great visual penny morphing into kids face.
[6:48:37 AM] Will Richardson says: But I agree that esp with this one, the sources are really important.
[6:48:39 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I agree, Darren. Should be invisible but evident
[6:48:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Yeah I see you too Dean.
[6:48:50 AM] Will Richardson says: hey dean
[6:48:56 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Next: "Human Embryonic Stem Cell research"
[6:49:43 AM] Barbara says: I think it is important especially if we want the students to have a viable voice to at least give source information
[6:49:52 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: One kids changed his mind, from wanting ot be pro baseball player to .... stem cell researcher?
[6:50:22 AM] Carolyn Foote says: True, barbara
[6:21:39 AM] David Jakes says: How many teachers get networking?
[6:21:56 AM] David Jakes says: and the power associated with connecting?
[6:33:20 AM] David Jakes says: back?
[6:37:10 AM] David Jakes says: back
[6:49:33 AM] David Jakes says: bb
[6:50:40 AM] David Jakes says: Heeesss baccckkk
[6:50:49 AM] Will Richardson says: Jakes!
[6:50:56 AM] David Jakes says: about time
[6:51:04 AM] Will Richardson says: I agree Barbara
[6:51:10 AM] Carolyn Foote says: welcome back!
[6:51:12 AM] Barbara says: netwoeking is something you get when you experience it
[6:51:21 AM] Carolyn Foote says: exactly. And it takes time to build a network
[6:51:24 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: WOW.
[6:51:25 AM] Will Richardson says: These are great movies...but they have a hugely emotional tug.
[6:51:33 AM] Barbara says: exactly
[6:51:45 AM] Will Richardson says: that needs to be balanced
[6:52:01 AM] Carolyn Foote says: The students have really learned how to communicate something. Right, is like learning advertising.
[6:52:08 AM] Dean Shareski says: What would be really interesting is to have kids create videos that argue conflicting ideas
[6:52:18 AM] Carolyn Foote says: point/counterpoint?
[6:52:19 AM] Barbara says: I like that dean
[6:52:23 AM] Will Richardson says: No doubt, when you know you're audience is going to be changes the equation
[6:52:26 AM] David Jakes says: Kids can do this, we see it all the time in my school district, when given the chance. That's it--the chance
[6:52:37 AM] Will Richardson says: Right
[6:52:43 AM] Carolyn Foote says: more than the chance, the expectation?
[6:52:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Dean, yeah.
[6:53:05 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Do we settle for "good enough" in schools too often? to be nice?
[6:53:13 AM] Dean Shareski says: I like the 2 minute time....synthesizes learning
[6:53:16 AM] Will Richardson says: "It's not about the technology and the connectivity"
[6:53:18 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Joyce Valenza said that.
[6:53:18 AM] Barbara says: do we get teachers to the point of making it an expectation
[6:53:33 AM] David Jakes says: that's about leadership
[6:53:37 AM] Barbara says: @ Dean I do
[6:53:40 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Right, and some will go too far with that, Barbara...the whole "rigor" thing
[6:53:44 AM] Carolyn Foote says: gone awry
[6:53:50 AM] Will Richardson says: "Our kids want to be prepared to make a contribution"
[6:53:53 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I agree, leadership, David
[6:54:09 AM] Will Richardson says: Do you thnk middle school kids are too young to understand the network?
[6:54:19 AM] Barbara says: No
[6:54:27 AM] Carolyn Foote says: No, they are on networks already, Will, don't you think?
[6:54:27 AM] Will Richardson says: Right
[6:54:28 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Thay're not. i.e. Clarence Fisher's kids.
[6:54:29 AM] Carolyn Foote says: myspace? or younger sites?
[6:54:31 AM] David Jakes says: No, I don't think so, we need to challenge and accept nothing less
[6:54:46 AM] Will Richardson says: Making th world a better place...
[6:54:47 AM] Carolyn Foote says: My son was on art sites networking by middle school.
[6:54:46 AM] Dean Shareski says: I know first greaders who understand networks...they don't call them networks, it's just how they learn
[6:54:50 AM] Will Richardson says: Look at TakingIT Global...
[6:54:52 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Next: "Celebrate Achievement"
[6:55:00 AM] David Jakes says: see uthTV
[6:55:01 AM] Barbara says: the kids have networks they just need to ewant learning value learning
[6:55:06 AM] Will Richardson says: That's a network that's doing meaningful work to change the world.
[6:55:13 AM] Will Richardson says: Can we do that with middle school kids?
[6:55:15 AM] Will Richardson says: More than movies?
[6:55:23 AM] Carolyn Foote says: They do learn on their networks, I believe. We should respect that more.
[6:55:35 AM] Will Richardson says: (And I'm not dissin' the movies.)
[6:55:50 AM] Dean Shareski says: I like the way these videos are structured....student reflection up front...nice
[6:55:55 AM] Barbara says: I think so...we teach social justice and in a connected world it takes on new meaning
[6:56:04 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Dean, like the I-search process for papers
[6:56:14 AM] * David Jakes added techgrl to this chat
[6:56:29 AM] David Jakes says: Welcome, Carolyn from Bellingham Washington
[6:56:38 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Hi Carolyn
[6:56:46 AM] Brian Mull says: It's not about technology and connectivity until you can't. Just got bck on and had a flood of messages come in.
[6:56:48 AM] Dean Shareski says: technical point....what about copyright music....these are on itunes...I'm just sayin' is all
[6:56:47 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Hi Carolyn
[6:56:53 AM] Will Richardson says: Dean...I was just thinking that
[6:57:04 AM] Barbara says: First you have to broaden the jr high stuidents world view then you can move toward doing something in the world
[6:57:32 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Good p[oint DeAN
[6:57:33 AM] Will Richardson says: I'm about out of battery...
[6:57:32 AM] Dean Shareski says: I'm guilty of it too so I can't be too hyprocritical
[6:57:33 AM] David Jakes says: We are starting to have our MIDI music classes compose music for our digital stories
[6:57:47 AM] Carolyn Foote says: good idea David.
[6:57:51 AM] Barbara says: we are going there next year too..midi
[6:57:53 AM] Dean Shareski says: but the songs are very appropriate
[6:57:54 AM] Carolyn Foote says: tap into the musicians on the campus too.
[6:58:14 AM] Carolyn Foote says: We have a lot of kids in bands at high school. They'd probably love to have their music included.
[6:58:14 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: OUr choir is recording music arranged by our music teacher ... watch for it next year. ;)
[6:58:16 AM] Will Richardson says: shutting down...thanks for the chat.
[6:58:27 AM] Carolyn Foote says: The problem is, there is an emotional connection to hearing a familiar song in these presentations
[6:58:29 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: CHEERS WILL!
[6:58:29 AM] Carolyn Foote says: bye Will
[6:58:47 AM] Carolyn Foote says: The song adds meaning because it is familiar.
[6:58:56 AM] Carolyn Foote says: doesn't it?
[6:59:35 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Ends with" What's your next logical step? Take it."
[6:59:54 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I'm off to get my session ready. Cheers!
[7:00:01 AM] David Jakes says: thanks everyone
[7:00:07 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Bye! thanks David!
[7:00:08 AM] David Jakes says: chatcast up soon

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  • At 4:24 PM , Blogger Nancy White said...

    It is amazing how RSS feeds connect you. Ha!

    Yes, Darren, I can't eat (knowingly) Ivory Coast origin chocolate. And there is a lot of Cacao that comes from Ivory Coast and I don't know it. There is a problem for me to deal with, eh?

    The link to students needing to know how to tap into the world is right there. Knowing where your chocolate came from may sound trivial, but being able to tap into a global network to find out is non trivial. Caring about child labor is non trivial. The conversation helps us connect them.

    P.S. I loved being able to belatedly evesdrop on the chat via the transcript. Thanks. It dovetails with another conversation, so I'll link those folks in a well.


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