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Friday, August 11, 2006


Are you ready for some football?

Cubs-who cares. White Sox-who cares...

Because tonight, the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears take the field again against the San Francisco 49ers in their first exhibition game of the season. It's now only a matter of several weeks before the Bears and Chicago will smash any hopes the pathetic and hated Green Bay Packers have for any success this year and begin their defense of last year's NFC North Championship. I'm predicting a Super Bowl win for da Bears this year.

The World Champion Chicago Bears. It sounds just as good as World Champion White Sox (sorry Cub fans, I had to throw that in...)

In Chicago, the Bears are easily the favorite, even more so than that team that plays at Wrigley Field.


(Bearzsss 27, fordy ni-nerzzzzs 10)


  • At 2:51 PM , Blogger Teach42 said...

    While that may not have been our best showing, at least it cleared up the quarterback controversy *cough cough*

    At least the NFC North looks ripe for the picking once again!


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