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Monday, March 05, 2007

CUE Reflections

I've just returned from CUE in Palm Springs-from 75 degrees to 30...

  • Mac's were everywhere
  • So was Google
  • A really good lineup of speakers and sessions, with podcasting probably being the dominant topic
  • Interesting new strategies, with a series of CUE Tips (20 minute presentations) being presented at the entrance to the exhibit hall. These were recorded and will be made available for viewing by anyone. A nice way to extend the conference experience.
  • Hands-on workshops that you could get a ticket for at the conference, and then attend. An opportunity for more than just sit and get, and what I could tell from the lines to obtain a ticket, very popular. I've never seen this before at the conference.
  • A 9 P.M. to midnight session done by Leslie Fisher on World of Warcraft, introducing attendees to the world of gaming.
  • I attended sessions by Hall Davidson, Mark Wagner, Gary Stager, and Chris Walsh, my session notes will be posted shortly.
  • I was interviewed by Chris Walsh for a show at the Infinite Thinking Machine. My thanks to Chris for the completely professional job he did with the interview, and making someone new to that experience comfortable.
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