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Friday, July 20, 2007

Keynote: BLC Day 3-Dr. Yong Zhao

Digital Citizenship in a Global Economy: The Internet Revolution and Its implications for Education

I can send this live audio to anyone who isn't here
[8:48:37 AM] David Jakes says: cool
[8:50:31 AM] Dean Shareski says: I've you started a chatcast?
[8:50:38 AM] Dean Shareski says: Have you started?
[8:50:44 AM] David Jakes says: this is it
[8:51:26 AM] Dean Shareski added Barbara, Chris Lehmann, Christian Long to this chat
[8:51:27 AM] David Jakes added bpeskin to this chat
[8:51:42 AM] Dean Shareski says: Where is bpeskin?
[8:52:14 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Hey folks... who is bpeskin?
[8:52:42 AM] Christian Long says: what is bpeskin?
[8:53:51 AM] David Jakes says: Technology redefines talents
[8:54:03 AM] Dean Shareski says: My mic is set up and I can Skype out for anyone not on site...just need to know who to call
[8:58:29 AM] Christian Long says: is this the keynote skype?
[8:58:37 AM] David Jakes says: yes it is
[8:58:44 AM] Christian Long says: lehmann and i are in lobby (in theory working on our presentation later). thanks, djakes.
[8:59:24 AM] David Jakes says: I'm really looking forward to it...
[9:00:13 AM] Chris Lehmann says: who is the speaker?
[9:00:43 AM] Dean Shareski added kakelley to this chat
[9:00:44 AM] Christian Long says: you're kind, djakes, seriously. thanks. our goal is that the vast majority of the session involves audience members talking through projects (school 2.0-like) they are hoping to work on at school this year...with our collective efforts focusing on "becoming a change agent" to sustain the project/idea.
[9:01:06 AM] Dean Shareski says: Please me focus!
[9:01:06 AM] David Jakes says: Dr. Yong Zhao
[9:01:34 AM] David Jakes added Darren Kuropatwa to this chat
[9:02:09 AM] David Jakes says: @Christian. That's why I coming, for the conversation...
[9:03:19 AM] David Jakes says: Technology platforms allow kids to try things out
[9:03:52 AM] David Jakes says: Speaker now talking about a presentation in WV where no one was in Second Life
[9:04:46 AM] Kern Kelley says: Most of the companies are leaving SL, no $ there for them
[9:05:17 AM] David Jakes says: Anshe Chung has become the first online personality to achieve a net workth exceeding one milliion US dollars from profits entireely earned inside a virtual world
[9:05:19 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Not convinced about real pedagogical utility of SL. Full disclosure: I've never been in SL ... will try it out soon.
[9:05:35 AM] Kern Kelley says: I have students building a SL studio
[9:05:49 AM] Chris Lehmann says: KKelley -- on the teen grid?
[9:05:53 AM] Kern Kelley says: but worry about others who walk by
[9:06:11 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: What do you teach Kern?
[9:06:26 AM] David Jakes says: I'm not convinced either, way to high learning curve for most teachers, and I know kids can handle it, but teachers need to as well
[9:06:40 AM] Kern Kelley says: I'm the tech integrator for K-12 district in Maine
[9:06:59 AM] Kern Kelley says: the teachers would need a student SL 'sherpa'
[9:07:02 AM] Dean Shareski says: Plus....there are better tools for kids that accomplish much the same objectives
[9:07:11 AM] Kern Kelley says:
[9:07:12 AM] David Jakes says: Sherpa, nice term
[9:07:17 AM] Kern Kelley says: right
[9:07:27 AM] Chris Lehmann says: I also think we really need to question the infrastructure of SL as a company. Is this something we want to invest a TON of our energy and credibility in.
[9:07:32 AM] Kern Kelley says: Tech Sherpa - students who help teachers
[9:07:54 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: CLeh I agree.
[9:08:04 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Sherpa is a great term.
[9:08:08 AM] Kern Kelley says: absolutely, we can't get our input out again
[9:09:18 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Showing video about video game sweatshops in China.
[9:09:20 AM] Barbara says: Gold farmers ? a game or a term?
[9:09:27 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: A term.
[9:09:35 AM] Kern Kelley says:
[9:09:42 AM] Kern Kelley says: ask my students about them
[9:09:47 AM] Chris Lehmann says: hm. Should Christian and I come listen? Is this a good speech?
[9:10:02 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Playing the game to acquire "in game goods" to sell to others (rich folks) who want the goood stuff without working for it.
[9:10:18 AM] Kern Kelley says: I showed the site to my students, and they all knew all about them
[9:10:27 AM] Dean Shareski says: @CL2....we'll keep you posted....not captivated yet
[9:10:39 AM] Dean Shareski says: this conversation is keeping it interesting
[9:10:45 AM] Kern Kelley says: agreed
[9:11:06 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @CLeh I'm here and only really half listening. This discussion holds more attraction and engage while also taking care of email, twitter, and flickr.
[9:12:50 AM] Dean Shareski says: asks: what kind of ??? are needed for this new world...missed the verb
[9:13:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Missed it too. He's talking about how todays internet requires everyone to become an authour. I don't know about the verb "requires".
[9:13:39 AM] Kern Kelley says: I don't know - Is he saying anything original here?
[9:13:53 AM] Barbara says: iwhat king of cognitive and emotional talents we need
[9:14:03 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: He's talking about youtube as an example.
[9:14:35 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: "w/out modern mass media Madonna would never have become successful"
[9:14:36 AM] Christian Long says: agree with darren - will ALWAYS be an option, although the 2.0 context does make it universal in terms of 'power' (although 'access' is still the real issue).
[9:14:44 AM] Barbara says: Guttenberg required everyone to become readers...Internet requires us to become authors...agree or to general
[9:15:09 AM] Kern Kelley says: the students already are, but would unlikely call themselves authors
[9:15:22 AM] Barbara says: @ dJakes okay it is addicting
[9:15:31 AM] Christian Long says: too general. the real 'rub' will occur once we get over the "I, too, can publish"....and move to the "how does the world change because I can/will/do?" moment.
[9:15:42 AM] Dean Shareski says: Our chatcast is slowing his connection ;)
[9:16:00 AM] bpeskin says: bpeskin is here now figuring this out
[9:16:05 AM] David Jakes says: Chinese BackStreet Boys-video he is now showing
[9:16:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Guttenberg *enabled* the easy distribution of info/knowledge which provided a motivation for the "average" person to learn how to read.
[9:16:25 AM] Christian Long says: agree with barbara. the terms we adults/teachers use are NOT the same...and frankly are the 'dig:immigrant' moment (yes, darren -- this is where it shows up) occuring. we look to frame everything in terms of roles and tools. 'kids' just 'do' without having to frame their acts/tools.
[9:16:32 AM] Kern Kelley says: Rule 1: Always buffer before you present!
[9:16:38 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Internet does the same thing with content creation.
[9:16:46 AM] Christian Long says: like the "motivation" part (as well as the "ability" default).
[9:16:50 AM] David Jakes says: download the Youtube video with
[9:17:16 AM] Kern Kelley says: or Firefox add-on UnPlug
[9:17:21 AM] Dean Shareski says: or
[9:17:26 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I use the firefox plugin.
[9:17:35 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: love zamzar!
[9:17:35 AM] Kern Kelley says: very quick + easy
[9:17:38 AM] bpeskin says: on mac for downloading youtube
[9:17:43 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Great for kids in school.
[9:17:44 AM] Dean Shareski says: or democracy player...even better
[9:17:57 AM] bpeskin says: -- new -- few weeks ago
[9:18:00 AM] bpeskin says: very easy
[9:18:14 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Neil Postman: Certain technologies are transformative not additive. W/ Gutenberg, you did not have Europe + Printing Press, you had a whole new Europe. The internet *should* be transformative, not merely additive, but with every time we recreate the commerce culture on the net, we run the risk of making it merely additive.
[9:18:46 AM] Christian Long says: if i don't another clehmann 'fix' soon, i'm gonna start getting night sweats 2.0.
[9:19:03 AM] Christian Long says: more seriously, good points, clehmann. re: 'addictive'.
[9:19:24 AM] Christian Long says: add..."additive". my tired brain went with "addictive". mea culpe.
[9:19:25 AM] David Jakes says: Additive vs. transformative. Applies to all technology use?
[9:19:38 AM] Christian Long says: but, like wikipedia, the correction is rapid-fire thanks to clehmann feedback.
[9:20:03 AM] Chris Lehmann says: David -- probably... I think it's a pretty cool lens.
[9:20:16 AM] Kern Kelley says: First additive then transformative.
[9:20:43 AM] Kern Kelley says: that's the effort with getting people to accept the additive aspect of tech
[9:20:51 AM] David Jakes says: So is it a natural evolutionary process?
[9:21:13 AM] Dean Shareski says: Sidebar: Chatcast forces me to contribute and focus rather than be passive others, looks like I'm not listening...probably more focused than most
[9:21:27 AM] Christian Long says: @dean: amen!
[9:21:34 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Right on!
[9:21:56 AM] Kern Kelley says: @djakes: only shortcut are examples that you want to mimic
[9:22:02 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Kern -- dunno... somethings *are* transformative from the moment you experience them. Can you think of an idea, a technological innovation, etc... that completely changed your lens on the world from the moment you say it?
[9:22:03 AM] Kern Kelley says: forces you further faster
[9:22:08 AM] Chris Lehmann says: (saw it, not say it...)
[9:22:56 AM] Christian Long says: the real rub -- for schools/teachers -- is how to authentically 'note' or measure the student's attention when they are heavily 'involved' on a range of levels without it being visible on some respect. does a chatskypesession allow the invisible to become visible, or is it still a strength for those who are fast (not necessarily to be mistaken for accurate) and willing to typetalk?
[9:22:57 AM] bpeskin says: not from the moment -- but I think the interactive white board will change teaching and learning in the classroom
[9:22:58 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @CLeh Yeah, the first time I found someopne else blogging about something I had blogged. That really changed me ... ever since trying to create that feeling for my students.
[9:23:06 AM] Dean Shareski says: talking about McDonalds.... Blog called Open for Discussion focusing on corporate responsibility....used it for many of my blogging sessions
[9:23:09 AM] Chris Lehmann says: I can still remember sitting on the floor of Barnes and Noble, reading Teaching to Transgress... I could never look at the classroom the same way after that. It was a Coperican revolution (to use a term from Robert Pirsig) in that nothing had changed but *everything* had changed.
[9:23:29 AM] Christian Long says: @clehmann: other than arrival of my first baby, no.
[9:23:59 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Christian -- but that's an amazing parallel...
[9:24:43 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: The idea that what one person is thinking about "out loud" over here can impact someone half a continent or half the globe away is a very powerful experience.
[9:24:47 AM] Christian Long says: @darren: you may have changed my mind. that may have been transformative but mostly superficial at first ("hey, got noticed"). the real transformation occured when substantial life friendships (that were weaving into my home life, too) were occuring via blogging and the F2F occured well after the fact. the 'realization' was transformative.
[9:24:56 AM] Kern Kelley says: @CLong: the back channel will become 'the' representation of the session for some
[9:25:05 AM] Barbara added eebee1 to this chat
[9:25:07 AM] David Jakes says: @darren: thats the potential, thats the power
[9:25:48 AM] Dean Shareski says: @CLong...thought about your premise from made me think and I see you point better
[9:26:16 AM] David Jakes says: Showing Mini Cooper and how different countries contribute to its construction-World is Flat Kool-Aid
[9:26:16 AM] Christian Long says: @kern: becoming intrigued by 'back channel' approaches to classroom learning. just the semantic alone is powerful. few adult professionals tap into that realm, regardless of their industry/focus. let alone teachers bringing it up in class.
[9:26:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @CLong I don't think that's superficial. How often to people feel "Why should I vote? What difference will one voice make?" Blogging shows, very concretely how one voice can make a real difference and have a far reaching impact.
[9:26:24 AM] Kern Kelley says: :D
[9:26:36 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Ugh -- David -- can we all just agree that "We Get It... Globalization is Here. So what?"
[9:26:47 AM] David Jakes says: absolutely
[9:26:48 AM] Kern Kelley says: yes - tell me something new
[9:26:50 AM] Christian Long says: @dean: which point (although i'm now running around with my hand in the air regardless!) -- he smiles -- but curious.
[9:27:52 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Actually -- I want to move that converation as well... great... corporate globalization is here... fine, yay, whoopie... what does communitarian globalization look like? What would it look like if we stopped defining globalization by corporate interest and started defining it by human interest?
[9:27:58 AM] Dean Shareski says: @CL...what if "all this" went would I carry on? Focussing on what "all this is" irrespective of technology
[9:28:03 AM] Christian Long says: @darren: yes, but we are still "8th graders" at heart when it comes to being noticed. i think that for me -- can't speak for you (anyone) here -- that the first time someone blogged something i said, it was a "hey, i was noticed" moment (regardless of what my intellect wants to tell you). later, after much reflection and a new wave of context, it began to be transformative...but at being asked to dance to the Footloose soundtrack in 7th grade.
[9:28:21 AM] David Jakes says: Are you guys working on your presentation?
[9:28:30 AM] Christian Long says: @dean: okay, thanks. it is my numero uno question without minimizing the impact of the tech itself.
[9:28:32 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Christian -- did you know that my 7th grade girlfriend bought me the footloose soundtrack? Get out of my brain. :)
[9:28:36 AM] Christian Long says: @jakes: spoiler!
[9:28:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Also, the real human personal connections and friendships fostered through this medium connect us in real personal ways. As "social beings" this gets at something visceral.
[9:28:58 AM] David Jakes says: In summary? He's done?
[9:29:09 AM] Kern Kelley says: ??
[9:29:09 AM] Christian Long says: @clehmann: did you know the same night i saw that film, i had my best friend's mother cut my hair to look like Bacon? get out of my brain!
[9:29:13 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Jakes ;)
[9:29:34 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Christian and I are now pulling ourselves away from all of you to make sure we have something to say in two hours.
[9:29:37 AM] Barbara says: What does he mean we are returning to agricultural mode of production?
[9:29:38 AM] Christian Long says: @damnbackchannelvoices: leave @CL2 alone. we're doing our work. seriously. as far as you know!
[9:29:42 AM] David Jakes says: @Christian. Footloose, Cut loose, dah, dah, dah...
[9:29:48 AM] Kern Kelley says: The economy has changed - yeaaaaa
[9:29:54 AM] Sharon Peters says: @darrenk - agree one hundred percent - this is the driving impetus for our students (teenagers) to use social networking
[9:30:04 AM] bpeskin says: here's a cool thing -- i don't know any of you, you let me join this and I am learning so much more than just listening to key note
[9:30:17 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I think it's a littl;e more than "hey! Someone noticed me!" It's about how one person can change and be changed by and affect another they have never met f2f.
[9:30:21 AM] bpeskin says: i need both the keynote and your conversation to think about what I'm thinking about at the moment
[9:30:29 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Then we meet and everything is even more concrete.
[9:30:30 AM] Kern Kelley says: @darren I think they are already there (yes with access issues aside)
[9:30:35 AM] David Jakes says: @bpesking: Thanks, and we're glad.
[9:30:40 AM] Sharon Peters says: I am *certain* that there have been studies done on the phenomenon of backchanneling and potential learning gains for students
[9:30:59 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Do really really feel the connections fostered between yourself and the folks you've met here are sourced to superficial intereactions?
[9:31:16 AM] Kern Kelley says: would anyone here let a backchannel run in their class - while their teaching?
[9:31:36 AM] Sharon Peters says: I wanted to - and explored that possibility last year
[9:31:39 AM] David Jakes says: @kern. How threatening would that be for most teachers?
[9:31:47 AM] Sharon Peters says: gave away dozens of google invites to see if it would work
[9:31:51 AM] Kern Kelley says: extremely, but I'm game
[9:32:06 AM] David Jakes says: Yes, I've got some in mind where we will try this
[9:32:11 AM] Sharon Peters says: we talked about this yesterday - a few of us - how to make sure kids were chatting "on task"
[9:32:14 AM] David Jakes says: and they'll be up for it.
[9:32:26 AM] Kern Kelley says: I know the online parts of my classes, the kids are VERY comfortable with chat as their medium to discuss
[9:32:43 AM] Kern Kelley says: we've asked them to always posted their side discussions
[9:32:45 AM] Sharon Peters says: I think if you let students know that you will be saving their chat - they would remain on task
[9:32:47 AM] Kern Kelley says: post
[9:33:00 AM] David Jakes says: What does it say when the conversation that is taking place is not really reflective of what the keynote presenter is talking about?
[9:33:05 AM] Kern Kelley says: are we always on task? ;)
[9:33:08 AM] bpeskin says: the teacher would have to have support online or available elsewhere in case the chatting caused kids to miss something -- teachers coudl get comfortagble with this
[9:33:34 AM] Christian Long says: Can someone just timetravel into the future and send me the full transcript so i can prepare my twitters and skypechats? I'd feel much, much better!
[9:33:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I think backchanneling may have a positive impact on classroom teaching but only iof the backchanneling is public and transparent ... goes to accountability for learning rather than just playing.
[9:33:53 AM] Sharon Peters says: when we go "off task" to poke a little fun or have a laugh - studies have also shown that this sociality actually makes the "on task" more engaging
[9:33:56 AM] Christian Long says: @kern: yes on a gut level. but need to think about the literal 'plug in' side of things. but yes in spirit/desire.
[9:33:57 AM] bpeskin says: and then the teaching has to be interesting enough so some attention is being paid:-)
[9:34:00 AM] Kern Kelley says: what if the chat was projected off to the side so all participates in the classroom knew it was out there
[9:34:11 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Someone please kick Christian out of the chat.
[9:34:14 AM] bpeskin says: 2013
[9:34:29 AM] David Jakes says: Christian Long absolutely rocks, so sorry Chris
[9:34:29 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Nothing wrong with the occasional joke or aside but should come back to the main point. If it weren't for this "channel" I would have tuned out of this talk long ago.
[9:34:38 AM] Christian Long says: @pbeskin: but the future is not about "teacher = interesting". future is "collaboration = interesting" (and 'teacher' is one of many in the mix).
[9:34:48 AM] David Jakes says: Nice
[9:34:51 AM] bpeskin says: very nice
[9:35:02 AM] Kern Kelley says: so here we are collaborate while Dr. Yao talks 'at' us
[9:35:20 AM] bpeskin says: how about teacher facilitates something interesting
[9:35:38 AM] Kern Kelley says: A Whole New Mind - required reading for our social studies classes
[9:35:38 AM] Sharon Peters says: and it is so much better than just taking personal notes, posting a blog about it , THEN waiting for comments
[9:35:45 AM] Chris Lehmann says: David -- I'm holding you responsible when our sessions sucks. :)
[9:35:46 AM] Christian Long says: much better being 'in' the keynote 50 yards away in main lobby. keynoter is NOT talking at me.
[9:35:52 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Kern -- that's awesome.
[9:35:54 AM] Kern Kelley says: nice :)
[9:36:01 AM] Christian Long says: @sharon: well said!
[9:36:14 AM] Kern Kelley says: which room is the session, I'm giong
[9:36:20 AM] David Jakes says: The speaker is not showing the attributes from A whole New Mind
[9:36:34 AM] David Jakes says: not=now
[9:36:58 AM] Dean Shareski says: So, what are all your middle names?...losing focus :)
[9:37:11 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Kern -- Charles River East
[9:37:14 AM] Kern Kelley says: thx
[9:37:28 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @CL&CL you guys are on in the 2nd slot right?
[9:37:29 AM] David Jakes says: digital citizenship = living in the digtal world, making a living in the digital world, (re)creating the digital world-slide now being shown
[9:37:28 AM] Barbara says: i strated taking notes then could not resist first I tried to just monitor and grab tidbits for my notes...alas I was sucked in
[9:37:52 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Barbara Welcome to the machine. ;)
[9:37:53 AM] Chris Lehmann says: Darren -- yeah, 11:30. I was wrong.
[9:37:57 AM] Sharon Peters says: (and so david jakes once again strives to get us back on task)
[9:38:04 AM] Chris Lehmann says: And... GAWD, I hate saying this, Christian was right. :)
[9:38:15 AM] Kern Kelley says: hehe
[9:38:24 AM] David Jakes says: @sharon, no we are on task, just wanted to have that in the notes :)
[9:38:24 AM] Christian Long says: let's not focus on lehmann being wrong (and his co-presenter being right). can't we just appreciate that he's a decent guy?
[9:38:41 AM] Chris Lehmann says: why does it always have to be about right and wrong?
[9:38:59 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @CL I like'em both. ;)
[9:39:04 AM] David Jakes says: I cannot wait for your presentation
[9:39:05 AM] Christian Long says: @lehmann: hey, are we ready to stop this backchannelhoohaa and get to the business of putting a slide deck together for the presentation? (he smiles)
[9:39:07 AM] Sharon Peters says: (Christian and Chris' pres promises to be VERY dynamic!)
[9:39:19 AM] David Jakes says: Presenter mentions Skype-if he only knew
[9:39:27 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: :D
[9:39:38 AM] Sharon Peters says: (rofl)
[9:39:44 AM] Kern Kelley says: I think the back channel comments should be projected on the screen beside him
[9:40:02 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: That's waht I've been trying t o do all week in my presentations.
[9:40:03 AM] Sharon Peters says: THAT would keep us on task
[9:40:05 AM] David Jakes says: interesting and intimidating
[9:40:14 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Hopefully it'll work today.
[9:40:19 AM] Kern Kelley says: yes, just like we'd want with our kids
[9:40:27 AM] Sharon Peters says: @darren - I will be there
[9:40:38 AM] Kern Kelley says: interesting and 'real' assessment - a larger audience
[9:40:39 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Can't read that slide ... to much text.
[9:40:56 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Sharon See you there. ;)
[9:41:07 AM] David Jakes says: Do you look at that slide when preparing and go "Yeah, thats what I'm looking for?"
[9:41:22 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Jakes gets me every time :D
[9:41:25 AM] Sharon Peters says: @darren - do you need a stooge?
[9:41:45 AM] David Jakes says: Jakes = Stooge
[9:41:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Huh?
[9:41:54 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: What do you mean?
[9:41:58 AM] Dean Shareski says: oy!
[9:42:05 AM] David Jakes says: Is Will here?
[9:42:08 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: attaboy shreaski!
[9:42:19 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: He would've loved tghat.
[9:42:21 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Tweet it!
[9:42:37 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: for Will
[9:43:07 AM] David Jakes says: Done
[9:43:16 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Showing slide about Multiple Intelligences.
[9:43:41 AM] Chris Lehmann says: O
[9:44:02 AM] David Jakes says: I think Ewan Mcintosh should have done the keynote
[9:44:09 AM] Kern Kelley says: AGREED!!!!
[9:44:13 AM] Chris Lehmann says: O.k. -- We need a list of phrases / topics that are banned from all keynote presentations... clearly World Is Flat is top of list.
[9:44:12 AM] Sharon Peters says: maybe next year??
[9:44:43 AM] Kern Kelley says: nothing is so trendy as education: "The obligatory mention of TWiF"
[9:44:44 AM] David Jakes says: @CL. That would be a great wiki.
[9:44:45 AM] Christian Long says: has anyone thought about adding Alan November into this chat? if ANYONE needs to be 'aware' of the backchannel conversations, i'd put him on the top of the short list. a thought. sincerely.
[9:44:55 AM] David Jakes says: Nice idea
[9:44:56 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Yeah, even Freedman says the world insn't flat. Time to talk about that a bit.
[9:45:07 AM] Kern Kelley says: great point
[9:45:12 AM] Kern Kelley says: rarely mentioned
[9:45:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @CLong invite him
[9:45:29 AM] Sharon Peters says: however, one cannot ignore the impact of the book WiF
[9:45:33 AM] David Jakes says: sweet transition
[9:45:34 AM] Barbara says: Alan has not been on skype lately
[9:45:53 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: He might be if he knew this was going on.
[9:45:56 AM] David Jakes says: I talked with him about this today in the hallway, suggested formalizing it to some extent
[9:45:58 AM] Christian Long says: i offer it as a premise as a default in future. 'now'
[9:45:59 AM] Sharon Peters says: someone should mention it to him - but he should be aware of it
[9:46:01 AM] Christian Long says: '
[9:46:05 AM] Christian Long says: 'now' is optional
[9:46:22 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I meantioned it to Christine yesterday. She was intrigued.
[9:46:52 AM] David Jakes says: I am sincerely trying to listen to him...
[9:46:54 AM] Kern Kelley says: I'll mention it to him, I'm going over to his house in a couple weeks - for next year I guess
[9:46:57 AM] Sharon Peters says: So why is World mentioned so much and Wikinomics ignored? Nice to see A Whole New Mind being given time
[9:47:15 AM] David Jakes says: So many books, so little time...
[9:47:17 AM] Kern Kelley says: World is more mainstream now
[9:47:30 AM] Kern Kelley says: my mom has heard of it - whoa
[9:47:42 AM] Sharon Peters says: yeah, am thinking it's cuz it's written by a Canadian, not American (which makes it much more virtuous)
[9:47:49 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: AWNM packs quite a whallop. Need to reread and digest. Has had a real impact on my thinking and teaching. In particular "Story."
[9:47:51 AM] Kern Kelley says: :)
[9:48:09 AM] Sharon Peters says: @Darren - me too - check out my review of it in CoA
[9:48:11 AM] Dean Shareski says: the guy next to me leaves his cell phone on...OY
[9:48:26 AM] Kern Kelley says: the kids like it much better than World, which is also required reading
[9:48:35 AM] Sharon Peters says: it is a much easier read
[9:48:36 AM] David Jakes says: The guy next to me leaves his cell phone on
[9:48:50 AM] Sharon Peters says: I gave copies of both to my headmaster
[9:48:58 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: The gut next to me goes to a keynote and puts headp[hone on.
[9:49:15 AM] David Jakes says: gut, yes I do have a gut, but I'm trying..
[9:49:16 AM] Dean Shareski says: @darren..that guy's a loser
[9:49:23 AM] Kern Kelley says: :D
[9:49:25 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: OK. I'm getting it from both sides now. It was me.
[9:49:55 AM] Kern Kelley says: is SL 'that' new to everyone? ouch
[9:49:57 AM] Sharon Peters says: @darren - is this a form of cyberbullying?
[9:50:11 AM] David Jakes says: ouch = OY!
[9:50:16 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Oy vey!
[9:50:27 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Sharon. might be. ;)
[9:50:34 AM] David Jakes says: The speaker has been absolutely all over the place..
[9:50:48 AM] Kern Kelley says: I'm getting a kick out of our back channel, and both the students I brought have their own back channels with their friends in Maine
[9:50:55 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Hard to identify the "purpose" of this talk.
[9:50:59 AM] David Jakes added Will Richardson to this chat
[9:50:59 AM] Barbara says: SL is new to many people here
[9:51:08 AM] David Jakes says: Everyone: say OY! to Will
[9:51:09 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Hi Will.
[9:51:17 AM] Will Richardson says: hey...oy
[9:51:19 AM] Sharon Peters says: @kern - and are your students actually backchanneling about the keynote - like us??
[9:51:20 AM] Kern Kelley says: did you here Alan's interview of the presenter?
[9:51:24 AM] Will Richardson says: still driving
[9:51:38 AM] David Jakes says: glad to see you made it back safely...
[9:51:40 AM] Kern Kelley says: yes
[9:51:43 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: And skyping? Talk about multitasking.
[9:51:54 AM] Will Richardson says: im not back yet...
[9:51:54 AM] Kern Kelley says: i just asked and am suprised as you
[9:52:18 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Kern Did you hear it? How did it strike you?
[9:52:22 AM] Dean Shareski says: what's for lunch?
[9:52:29 AM] Sharon Peters says: @kern - okay, I am surprised and impressed - did you tell them you wanted a copy of the chat later? ;)
[9:52:30 AM] Will Richardson says: 20 more mins on traffic
[9:52:41 AM] Kern Kelley says: @darren sorry, i didn't what was it?
[9:52:46 AM] David Jakes says: I'm dyin here...
[9:52:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I haven't heard it either.
[9:52:57 AM] Sharon Peters says: What's for breakfast?
[9:53:01 AM] Will Richardson says: why?
[9:53:10 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: This talk seems to be "Look at all this cool stuff!"
[9:53:16 AM] Kern Kelley says: sooooo games can be educational? is that what he's saying?
[9:53:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Not enough about pedagogy.
[9:53:23 AM] Sharon Peters says: yawn, snore and a bore for some of us
[9:53:25 AM] David Jakes says: chatcast has been much more valuable
[9:53:27 AM] bpeskin says: if you backchannel, also, you can look up stuff 3 tasking really, the chat, the speaker and then looking up related stuff...
[9:53:27 AM] Will Richardson says: keynote no good?
[9:53:34 AM] Kern Kelley says: Ewan should have done this !!
[9:53:49 AM] bpeskin says: problem is if you can'
[9:53:54 AM] David Jakes says: I've seen better...
[9:53:56 AM] Will Richardson says: Ewan could do anything
[9:53:57 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I wonder what he planed as the "takeaway" for his talk.
[9:53:58 AM] Sharon Peters says: well, he *does* have a good sense of humour and I am betting that this IS new to a lot of people here
[9:54:06 AM] bpeskin says: sorry -- ifyou can't handle all the action going on it might interfere with learning? (maybe...)
[9:54:14 AM] David Jakes says: @sharon, you're correct
[9:54:17 AM] Sharon Peters says: whumped us with Internet trends
[9:54:29 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Is he saying something the other keynotes haven't? What is the original contribution here?
[9:54:38 AM] Kern Kelley says: @darren "Technology changes things." - revolutionary
[9:54:42 AM] David Jakes says: Showing nice graphic of evolution now
[9:54:47 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: That's a very [popular image on the net.
[9:54:54 AM] David Jakes says: anyone have a link?
[9:54:59 AM] Barbara says: I am confused about what he says the role of the teacher is stuck on the matrix quote
[9:55:03 AM] David Jakes says: im timing..
[9:55:08 AM] Will Richardson says: i think the keynotes this year were underwhelming
[9:55:11 AM] Sharon Peters says: but there is something about redundancy - these people who haven't heard of this stuff (and that is a LOT of people) they get to hear about it from many sides
[9:55:34 AM] bpeskin says: why not much on second life?
[9:55:35 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Link coming ...
[9:55:38 AM] David Jakes says: Start with problems and re-imagine education
[9:55:45 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Will. yes.
[9:55:48 AM] Kern Kelley says: so are we the echo chamber
[9:55:58 AM] Will Richardson says: yup
[9:55:59 AM] Sharon Peters says: @will - we missed most of the keynotes and didn't seem to suffer for it - the presenters here this year though really RAWKED!
[9:56:07 AM] David Jakes says: @bpeskin: he has shown it several times, we've just not really mentioned it
[9:56:09 AM] Sharon Peters says: Ewan in particular
[9:56:10 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: image:
[9:56:19 AM] David Jakes says: its called tinyurl darren
[9:56:28 AM] Will Richardson says: no kiddin
[9:56:33 AM] Kern Kelley says: holy url Batman!
[9:56:36 AM] Will Richardson says: oy
[9:57:00 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Jakes I've got more than 140 characters here. ;)
[9:57:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Just clickit. ;)
[9:57:55 AM] David Jakes says: Speaker: Redefine talents and academic success, reconfigure traditional institutions....
[9:58:03 AM] Kern Kelley says: how many in this chat are not in the room with the presenter?
[9:58:12 AM] Will Richardson says: me
[9:58:16 AM] Kern Kelley says: 1
[9:58:23 AM] David Jakes says: 2
[9:58:48 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Jales says 2 while sitting next to me in room. Oy!
[9:58:52 AM] Will Richardson says: are we reconfiguring?
[9:58:57 AM] David Jakes says: Jales = Jakes
[9:59:04 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: ;)
[9:59:09 AM] David Jakes says: He's Done.
[9:59:11 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: It's over!
[9:59:23 AM] David Jakes says: Chatcast up in a second at Strength of Weak Ties
[9:59:23 AM] Kern Kelley says: made dash to the door
[9:59:26 AM] Sharon Peters says: What's for breakfast?
[9:59:36 AM] Will Richardson says: sorry i missed it
[9:59:43 AM] Kern Kelley says: ummmmmmm
[9:59:44 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Don't be.
[9:59:49 AM] Kern Kelley says: yeah
[10:00:06 AM] David Jakes says: thanks everyone!
[10:00:06 AM] Will Richardson says: I'mhome now...yay
[10:00:11 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Off to prepare for my session ... up first.
[10:00:12 AM] Kern Kelley says: listen to ALan's interview, you'd hear it
[10:00:12 AM] bpeskin says: thanks
[10:00:15 AM] David Jakes says: Give the kids and wife big hug!
[10:00:16 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Cheers~!!
[10:00:24 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Safe ride hiome Will.
[10:00:44 AM] Will Richardson says: thanks
[10:00:52 AM] David Jakes says: Off to Darren's session
[10:01:04 AM] Kern Kelley says: To Kuropatwa!

[10:04:16 AM] Christian Long says: a GREAT sign: "keynotes are underwhelming" when the backstories are engaging. THIS is the SHIFT!

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