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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sustaining Change with Chris Lehmann and Christian Long

Chatcast with Chris and Christian:

[11:42:11 AM] David Jakes says: let the chat begin
[11:42:32 AM] Dean Shareski says: Chris L. was challenged to found a school...original buliding was an office building
[11:42:06 AM] Jen says: ty
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[11:42:51 AM] Dean Shareski says: Orignal plans made it look like a traditional school
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[11:43:59 AM] David Jakes says: Ok, I think everyone is in
[11:44:00 AM] Dennis Richards says: communities of practice come together and disband - share values and ideas and generate knowledge
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[11:44:14 AM] David Jakes says: CL: Its not about space, its about what you want to do
[11:44:24 AM] Kern Kelley says: Like the tech
[11:44:27 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: What are the essential questions of learning?
[11:44:29 AM] David Jakes says: What are the essential questions of learning?>
[11:44:38 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: "The Dream"
[11:45:06 AM] Sharon Peters says: if we focus on technology rather than essential question - miss the boat - technology NEEDS to be transparent
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[11:45:21 AM] Sharon Peters says: inquiry-based, project-based learning
[11:45:25 AM] Kern Kelley says: Talk about authentic assessment - once the concrete is set . . .
[11:45:27 AM] Dennis Richards says: she is now taling about twitter - a new tool that 7-8 people acknowledge knowing about
[11:45:43 AM] David Jakes says: If you are doing a presentation, and a chatcast is taking place, you should have your presentation, if in pp, online at Slideshare for those not at conference
[11:45:46 AM] David Jakes says: just an idea
[11:45:56 AM] Carolyn Foote says: great idea David.
[11:46:04 AM] Sharon Peters says: or at least make it available online
[11:46:07 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Chris knew he had 72 hours to figure out how he was going to physically structure a space and find the right personnel for a school whose main focus is "inquiry based, project driven"
[11:46:09 AM] Carolyn Foote says: I wish skype had an area for links too
[11:46:11 AM] Sharon Peters says: I no longer use ppt - I use wikis
[11:46:12 AM] Carolyn Foote says: that logged them in a window on the side
[11:46:26 AM] David Jakes says: PLEASE turn your sound off if you are using Skype!!!
[11:46:35 AM] Kern Kelley says: @djakes : will have to become a given by presenters
[11:46:40 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Carolyn just drop them in.
[11:46:24 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: Not so good for me (200 slides a go)
[11:47:00 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: AEwan Number of slides isn't relevent.
[11:47:03 AM] David Jakes says: If you build a beautful space, kids will act accordingly
[11:47:08 AM] Kern Kelley says: @speters: once google gets Presently out there I'm allll over it
[11:47:11 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Darren, no, i meant, I'd like to have all the links in a little window to the side to go back to later, rather than scroll through the chat or having to delicious them all
[11:47:31 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: The chat will be onlione ... with any links shared.
[11:47:32 AM] Sharon Peters says: @kern - I think I will be too - but now that I have a mac - really want to check out keynote
[11:47:39 AM] David Jakes says: That should be part of the evolution of this
[11:48:05 AM] Kern Kelley says: @speters: depending what you need it for, check out googe page creator
[11:48:06 AM] Dean Shareski says:
[11:48:10 AM] Dennis Richards says: @djakes - how about if you build a meaningful space, kids will act accordingly
[11:48:15 AM] David Jakes says: We dont put the process of learning out there because it is messy, we want to control it, how does this influence school design
[11:48:16 AM] Dean Shareski says:
[11:48:27 AM] Carolyn Foote says: @dennis I like that
[11:48:45 AM] David Jakes says: The process of learning must be center stage, and school takes place there. Wow
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[11:48:47 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: They physically designed the space tso that the processes of kids was centre stage.
[11:48:54 AM] Kern Kelley says: educational transparency - a scary thought for most teachers
[11:49:13 AM] Jen says: and for admins too
[11:49:18 AM] David Jakes says: EVery accident is taken advantage of-every hallway is a gallery, every alcove is a secondary learning space
[11:49:23 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Every alcove is a seconday learning space -- I really like that!
[11:49:25 AM] David Jakes says: Christian Long amazes me
[11:49:40 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: His passion is contagious.
[11:49:51 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Wishing I was hearing this session!
[11:50:06 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Is he speaking now? or are both?
[11:50:11 AM] David Jakes says: Both are
[11:50:22 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Both CLong and CLEhmann are speaking together.
[11:50:35 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Ok. Just got back from a 2 hour meeting with architects on our space. I'm following a lot of these ideas--really exciting!
[11:50:39 AM] Sharon Peters says: it is a dream for educators to be able to design a school from ground up
[11:50:46 AM] David Jakes says: Look at the physical space as a framework for what you are building...Christian
[11:50:49 AM] Sharon Peters says: very few of us have that opportunity
[11:50:58 AM] David Jakes says: No kidding, but we should
[11:51:01 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: School 2.0 axioms:
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[11:51:15 AM] Sharon Peters says: @djakes - let me know when you are hiring!
[11:51:27 AM] David Jakes says: Sure thing!
[11:51:30 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: (1) Inquiry driven, project based and empowering for all members.
[11:51:35 AM] Barbara says: Can we empty our rooms before school begins and challenge the teachers to start from scratch rather than automatically giving them 30 desks 2 file cabinets etc
[11:51:56 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Cool idea Barbara.
[11:52:09 AM] Christopher D. Sessums says: Howdy all!
[11:52:13 AM] Sharon Peters says: @Barbara - I had a little bit of an opporutnity to do that earlier this year
[11:52:16 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Have you seen Christian's book?
[11:52:19 AM] Sharon Peters says: Hello Florida!
[11:52:20 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Hi Chris S.
[11:52:22 AM] Carolyn Foote says: A lot of great ideas there.
[11:52:23 AM] David Jakes says: Empty their rooms, but also empty themselves, use the empty room and starting over as a metaphor for improved teaching and learning
[11:52:31 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Well, DesignShare's book.
[11:53:00 AM] Christian Long says: to ALL -- thanks for being here and 'there'. thanks for making this transparent! changing the game as a presenter, too (he smiles). Cheers all the way around!
[11:53:09 AM] Kern Kelley says: Inquiry
[11:53:16 AM] Kern Kelley says: oops sorry
[11:53:17 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Not a science school. Takes the besed of science learning -- inquiry, reasearch , presentation, and ...?
[11:53:26 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: besed=best
[11:53:34 AM] Carolyn Foote says:
[11:53:35 AM] David Jakes says: Thanks Christian, the person helping lead the session (avoid presnter here) has joined
[11:53:36 AM] Christian Long says: Lehmann: "ethos of learning" (bravo!)
[11:53:39 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: Inquiry, Research, Collaboration, Presentation and Reflection
[11:53:51 AM] Sharon Peters says: reflection is an AWESOME core value - George Siemens would like that
[11:54:02 AM] Barbara says: Coolaboration is the missing one darren
[11:54:04 AM] David Jakes says: Stop talking about 21st century worker, but 21st century citizen
[11:54:13 AM] Christian Long says: Let me know if anyone wants to get a copy of "The Language of School Design" (Carolyn mentioned it) -- my colleagues at DesignShare wrote/published it, but I'm a huge advocate (he smiles).
[11:54:22 AM] Kern Kelley says: How similiar is that to the slide Dr. Resnick had up yesterday
[11:54:21 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: (2) Co-Creation of 21st Century Citizen
[11:54:24 AM] Sharon Peters says: good delineation between terms
[11:54:27 AM] David Jakes says: If we only talk about workforce, then we wont get citzens
[11:54:30 AM] Kern Kelley says: the imagine - play - etc
[11:54:46 AM] David Jakes says: if we talk about building citizens, we'll get the requisite "workers"
[11:54:52 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: As Marco Torres' kids would say: Planning, Preparation, Presentation, Pheedback ;)
[11:54:57 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Thanks Christian ;) sorry if I misattributed it. Great book tho.
[11:55:00 AM] Barbara says: citizens is the real point of literacy not work
[11:55:04 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: The Four Ps
[11:55:04 AM] Sharon Peters says: the term worker is an old school value
[11:55:09 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: (3) Technology must serve pedagogy, not the otehr way around.
[11:55:31 AM] Carolyn Foote says: thanks ewan. good set.
[11:55:25 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: (4) Tech must enable students to research create communicate and collaborate.
[11:55:46 AM] Kern Kelley says: research, create, communicate and collaborate
[11:55:52 AM] Carolyn Foote says: and reflect?
[11:56:05 AM] David Jakes added Jim Wenzloff to this chat
[11:56:10 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: yes
[11:56:11 AM] Barbara says: technology is about what it allows the students to do...research, create, communicate, and collaborate
[11:56:24 AM] David Jakes says: Welcome in Jim Wenzloff from Michigan
[11:56:33 AM] Jim Wenzloff says: thanks
[11:56:34 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Hi Jim.
[11:56:39 AM] Dean Shareski says: you want to listen live?
[11:56:40 AM] Sharon Peters says: and reflect
[11:56:44 AM] Dennis Richards says: is citizen the old paradigm? c/b 21st century creators/inventors
[11:56:48 AM] Christopher D. Sessums says: don't forget performance, resourcefulness, networking, negotiation
[11:56:50 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Jim is in the room. ;)
[11:56:57 AM] David Jakes says: Nice Dennis
[11:57:05 AM] Dean Shareski says: sorry...saw Michigan and got a little excited
[11:57:10 AM] David Jakes says: oops, sorry Jim
[11:57:12 AM] Jim Wenzloff says: there is a video on this school somewhere
[11:57:22 AM] Dean Shareski says: someone find it
[11:57:37 AM] Christian Long says: question to ALL: what is ONE thing we SHOULD talk about before we shift to the audience sharing ideas (in a few minutes)????
[11:57:43 AM] Christian Long says: tell us...
[11:57:48 AM] Jim Wenzloff says: I;ll look
[11:57:54 AM] Carolyn Foote says: how to bring all the teachers into this concept, Christian?
[11:58:07 AM] Barbara Peskin says: in small steps
[11:57:44 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: The Principal's mum still teaches - that must be rare!
[11:58:16 AM] David Jakes says: What learning space should look like-I want a Starbucksroom
[11:58:16 AM] Barbara Peskin says: what's next step to influence teachers if they are peers
[11:58:27 AM] Sharon Peters says: after one year, what is the ONE thing you would change or do differently?
[11:58:30 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Don't want to design the space and then have the same thing happen behind the "glass" wall
[11:58:33 AM] Carolyn Foote says: that used to.
[11:58:42 AM] Dennis Richards says: what do we do with all the students in schools that can't be rebuilt
[11:58:57 AM] Dean Shareski says: for those not in the room...
[11:59:02 AM] Kern Kelley says: Learning - networked and transparent
[11:59:04 AM] Dean Shareski says:
[11:59:10 AM] Carolyn Foote says: Great question, Dennis.
[11:59:11 AM] David Jakes says: Chatcast moment: co-leader asks what they should talk about next-participants design learning experience fueled by chatcast
[11:59:28 AM] Darren Kuropatwa says: (5) Learning can -- and must be -- networked.
[11:59:28 AM] Carolyn Foote says: cool, isn't it, David :)
[11:59:31 AM] Ewan McIntosh says: You can rebuild a school withouit touching a brick:
[11:59:53 AM] David Jakes says: @Dennis-yes-what do we do now with the spaces we have, what can we do tomorrow to improve
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[12:00:02 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: So we mustn't despair because the Chrises had a new build
[12:00:20 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: The pedagogy going on in the building is more important
[12:00:32 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Ask Marco Torres' kids who teach in THE school used in any film where "the ghetto" has to feature
[12:00:39 PM] David Jakes says: Good morning George
[12:00:42 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: It makes no difference to them
[12:00:45 PM] Sharon Peters says: After one year, what has been the response of the district administration?
[12:00:49 PM] George Siemens says: Morning...
[12:01:14 PM] Dean Shareski says: George...would you like to listen?
[12:01:21 PM] George Siemens says: sure
[12:00:39 PM] Christian Long says: if you haven't seen it, go to Edutopia and look at "My School, MySpace" article about SLA. OR to DesignShare to read the article Chris wrote for me at the articles section of
[12:00:43 PM] Christian Long says: GREAT questions!! thanks!
[12:01:24 PM] Celine Azoulay says: It would be good to hear about the changes that were put in place to make the difference in the layout and design? WQe have only really seen the cafe!
[12:01:39 PM] Dennis Richards says: @ewan - thanks for the link
[12:01:51 PM] Kern Kelley says: I wonder, how much those in the room, are following?
[12:01:58 PM] David Jakes says: Christian is now going to address the one question from the chatcast
[12:02:05 PM] George Siemens says: have a link, Dean?
[12:02:39 PM] Dean Shareski says: @George...can you hear?
[12:02:46 PM] George Siemens says: Dean - yes
[12:03:01 PM] Christian Long says: Ewan -- totally agreed... in fact, there were a TON of challenges with our building. It really is just a metaphor for us.
[12:03:14 PM] Christian Long says: (Although, the colors of the building are cool.)
[12:03:26 PM] Carolyn Foote says:
[12:03:48 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Will you lose your job if you go big with innovation? Good question!
[12:04:08 PM] Dean Shareski says: Showing Dead Poets Socieity
[12:04:10 PM] Carolyn Foote says: How important for principals to support innovation?
[12:04:16 PM] Dean Shareski says: Carpe Diem
[12:04:19 PM] Sharon Peters says: carpe diem (but don't die)
[12:04:20 PM] David Jakes says: What is your idea, what is the one thing, carpe diem, but don't die! Take the big leap
[12:04:23 PM] Carolyn Foote says: Our campus is considering an innovation "group"
[12:04:26 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Carpe Diem ... but don't die.
[12:04:29 PM] David Jakes says: but will you be around to tell the story
[12:04:36 PM] David Jakes says: Wiki: What is your dream?
[12:04:36 PM] Sharon Peters says: I call it (and experienced) the tall poppy syndrome
[12:05:17 PM] Kern Kelley says: @carolyn: admin is crucial
[12:04:36 PM] Kern Kelley says: @darren: yes, or even if your job is safe, how will you be recieved by your peers
[12:05:41 PM] Kern Kelley says: Yesterday Alan asked everyone who they thought could be the agent of change
[12:05:51 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: "I wish I could skype cast a lesson"
[12:05:54 PM] Carolyn Foote says: Colleges have "innovation" institutes--why not schools?
[12:05:56 PM] Jim Wenzloff says: The principal is the key to ongoing change in a school
[12:06:00 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: "the power of audidence"
[12:05:59 PM] Kern Kelley says: most felt the students
[12:06:12 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: @carolyn is your question a rhetorical one? re: how important for principals to support innovation.
[12:06:21 PM] Christian Long says: my ONE wish: when my son goes to kindergarten (4 years and counting)...i have 100% access to his learning experience. no exceptions. today, i have live video into is daycare room...but when he goes to school in 4 years, i will be CUT OFF. how do we change this so ONE parent can go on the learning journey with ONE student?
[12:06:24 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: We are though we hold all things for teh future jobs and everythign
[12:06:27 PM] Carolyn Foote says: no, a real one. ;)
[12:06:44 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: When every kid is at the centre. Every kids is the speaker and every kids is the audience and the teacher's role is provide though provoking stimulus,
[12:06:47 PM] George Siemens says: Christian - yes, parental involvement is crucial
[12:06:47 PM] Sharon Peters says: sometimes it can only begin in your own classroom - and there has to be room for failure
[12:06:51 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: That's a skypecast.
[12:06:52 PM] George Siemens says: we know the change pressures are there
[12:06:35 PM] Kern Kelley says: I agree, with us the 'movers and shakers' as the political backers
[12:07:08 PM] George Siemens says: but not in a voice "the establishment" listens too
[12:07:15 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: no-one liked Christian in the beginning :(
[12:07:15 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: ;)
[12:07:28 PM] George Siemens says: change pressures are internal/external
[12:07:42 PM] David Jakes says: Which is more critical?
[12:07:42 PM] Carolyn Foote says: If any of you haven't seen High Tech High's building, I"d also recommend that. Glass school.
[12:07:50 PM] Dean Shareski says: so?
[12:07:51 PM] David Jakes says: or are they both equally important, George?
[12:07:57 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Is there truth in the argument that if it's worthwhile then it will succeed regardless if you're the only one doing it, or do great ideas get lost because we give up too early?
[12:07:57 PM] George Siemens says: I'm not convinced educators have the capacity (systemically driven) to react to changes
[12:08:16 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: @gsiemens educators as learners and leaders?
[12:08:20 PM] George Siemens says: i.e. change pressure have to be of a nature that the current system listens too
[12:08:21 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: @Dean - I was being flippant. Christian was lamenting his lack of blog audience at the beginning of his blog. We've all been there...
[12:08:23 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Carolyn glass is a great metophor for how we should be doing what we do. Transparent and fragile.
[12:08:27 PM] Dean Shareski says: @George..too often an excuse to do nothing
[12:08:37 PM] George Siemens says: so, we (educators) know what we need to do
[12:08:44 PM] Kern Kelley says: to be a teacher is to be a learner (or needs to be)
[12:08:47 PM] Christian Long says: here is the wiki chris and i created for YOU/US: add your ONE idea...and help others:
[12:08:47 PM] George Siemens says: but are we being listened to?
[12:08:49 PM] David Jakes added Brian Lockwood to this chat
[12:08:52 PM] Christian Long says: he'll show it on the slide in 2 min
[12:09:01 PM] David Jakes says: Chris said at NECC: What is the worst consequence of your worst idea?
[12:09:03 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: as educators who is/are our audience(s)?
[12:09:17 PM] George Siemens says: i would suggest when the voice is from parents, (not teachers) progress can be more sustained
[12:09:32 PM] Kern Kelley says: @george: even if we're not listened to, show them the student work - nothing sells them more or ever will
[12:09:34 PM] George Siemens says: because parents=votes which can influence policies
[12:09:42 PM] Sharon Peters says: the difference between two years ago and now is that IF we take a chance with a new approach and experience some kind of failure - we now have a network of experts we can access via our network to help us out - mentor us - be our cheerleaders
[12:09:43 PM] David Jakes says: What will be your elevator pitch to the person who can help you make change happen?
[12:09:46 PM] Christian Long says: glass walls -- ie "transparency" -- a great design metaphor and a real material. can people "see" learning in your classroom without being "in" the classroom?
[12:09:50 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: we need to educate parents too, no?
[12:09:51 PM] Carolyn Foote says: Easier in smaller districts to create change?
[12:09:52 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: We SEE the arguments going on online and can believe that the only audience we have for the elevator talks are our own echo chamber
[12:09:57 PM] George Siemens says: I absolutely agree - we can't sit and "do nothing"
[12:09:56 PM] Christian Long says: a big school design metaphor and element, too.
[12:09:59 PM] Kern Kelley says: students = parents = pressure
[12:10:05 PM] George Siemens says: we have to exercise our voice where we can
[12:10:28 PM] George Siemens says: but if we are talking systemic change, we have to move beyond
[12:10:30 PM] Jim Wenzloff says: If a teacher implements change and then leaves with the change continue? If not was it a change?
[12:09:58 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: But we only see the visible iceberg
[12:10:09 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: I'm speaking as much to the decvision-makers offline as I am online
[12:10:22 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: It's vital that the top are in for the bottom to be able to Skypecast their lessons
[12:10:13 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: CLong presenting and in the skypecast and folks from across the continent ... what does it mean to be in a PD session today?
[12:10:15 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: After today?
[12:10:42 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Chis Lehmann wish he could skypecast too. ;)\
[12:10:42 PM] Kern Kelley says: We have to exercise the student voice as the change
[12:10:45 PM] Christian Long says: @siemens: we also need to realize that having a 'strategic' voice matters, not just opinions.
[12:10:53 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: parents need to be involved more in the schooling process. we need to help them identify needs/guide them
[12:10:38 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: We SEE the arguments going on online and can believe that the only audience we have for the elevator talks are our own echo chamber
But we only see the visible iceberg
I'm speaking as much to the decvision-makers offline as I am online
Ewan McIntosh 12:10
It's vital that the top are in for the bottom to be able to Skypecast their lessons
[12:11:04 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: We chould get parents in the skypecast.
[12:11:05 PM] Dean Shareski says: dirty secrets...
[12:11:14 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Open them to our classrooms.
[12:11:24 PM] Christian Long says: @sessums: yes, make it so I can follow my 10 month old to school when he is in kindergarten. i do not want to be cut off.
[12:11:25 PM] Carolyn Foote says: yes, Darren. How will this change conferences!
[12:11:30 PM] Sharon Peters says: my experience is that if we focus on the learning gains of our students in our elevator pitch - that will influence the parents/admin
[12:11:53 PM] David Jakes says: Change is nice, but sustaining change is more important...
[12:11:54 PM] Kern Kelley says: have students led conference, tech days everything - anytihng you can think of to expose what the students are doing
[12:11:56 PM] Carolyn Foote says: @christian--devil's advocate--should kids have their own "journeys"?
[12:12:08 PM] David Jakes says: There, he said his favorite quote
[12:12:13 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: who detrermines learning gains? what is measured? how will it be measured?
[12:12:17 PM] Christian Long says: how many of us help our kids frame a 'business plan' for learning? truly? 'pitch' it to an audience?
[12:12:27 PM] Christian Long says: @jakes: amen to the quote!
[12:12:39 PM] David Jakes says: @csessums, someone in a cubicle in Washington
[12:12:46 PM] Dennis Richards says: ewan, i'm a superintendent and president of a statewide professional org - a start
[12:12:47 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: ugh
[12:12:51 PM] Sharon Peters says: @kern - yes, I agree - always bring it back to the students
[12:12:56 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Kids need to have their own learning journeys
[12:13:02 PM] Christian Long says: anyone add their name/URL to the wiki yet?
[12:13:03 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: because they're all different
[12:13:03 PM] George Siemens says: Ewan - agree
[12:13:07 PM] Christian Long says: (go!)
[12:13:20 PM] George Siemens says: challenge is meeting clear aims through decentralized/distributed means
[12:13:27 PM] Carolyn Foote says: @csessums--check out new nCLB bills. Working on a post on that
[12:13:31 PM] George Siemens says: we have targets set by state/province
[12:13:35 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: I need to have my own learning journey because, here in Boston for example, people ask me if I'm a Tech or a Teacher
[12:13:43 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: The culture difference is too HUGE to have a similar learning journey
[12:13:48 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Because I would never ask that question in the first place
[12:14:07 PM] George Siemens says: but achieving those targets should be personal/flexible
[12:14:12 PM] Kern Kelley says: a techie head with a teacher heart
[12:14:21 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Nope
[12:14:23 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Just a teacher
[12:14:32 PM] Kern Kelley says: :)
[12:14:38 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: I would never say that I was a teacher who could write, speak, draw pictures and run fast
[12:14:45 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: oh, and use a computer
[12:14:47 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Ewan if only everyone thought like like. I'm a teacher.
[12:14:51 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: I'm just a teach
[12:14:51 PM] Kern Kelley says: ok, then forget teacher - learner
[12:14:59 PM] David Jakes says: If you have a vsion, do you have the expertise across the table to co-create your vision
[12:15:04 PM] Sharon Peters says: I like that Daniel Pink has given us permission to be hyphenated people - I am an English teacher-educational technologist
[12:15:10 PM] Kern Kelley says: I learn and get to have kids learn with/beside me
[12:15:26 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: In Scottish dialect, esp in the West, we say to kids when we're giving them a lesson: "I'll learn you!"
[12:15:40 PM] Kern Kelley says: very cool
[12:15:48 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: I'll learn you some new stuff about Skypecasting
[12:15:54 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Chris and Christian disagree. Christian thinks putting all the media afforances in one area sucks some of the life out of the building.
[12:15:58 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: Again, it comes to culture, not individuals
[12:16:00 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Chris doesn't
[12:16:03 PM] George Siemens says: not sure who's speaking - but the breakdown of silos is important
[12:16:09 PM] George Siemens says: connections between disciplines
[12:16:13 PM] George Siemens says: more holistic
[12:16:20 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: if you can get the culture right then the individuals' actions begin to reflect bigger goals
[12:16:20 PM] David Jakes says: Chris Lehmann is speaking
[12:16:21 PM] Christian Long says: @darren: ask chris and i to argue about whether there should be 'computer labs'. we disagree on tactic, but not end goal.
[12:16:31 PM] Ewan McIntosh says: more holistic like George says
[12:15:53 PM] Barbara Peskin says: Christian Long 12:11 PM
anyone add their name/URL to the wiki yet?what is wiki address?
[12:17:05 PM] Dean Shareski says: he posted it earlier
[12:17:11 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says:
[12:17:19 PM] Carolyn Foote says: I did Christian ;)
[12:17:37 PM] Carolyn Foote says: Can silos provide gathering places tho?
[12:17:44 PM] David Jakes says: "When is the last time you sent someone to the pencil lab?"
[12:17:59 PM] David Jakes says: Chris Lehmann quote responding to how he feels about "computer labs"
[12:18:25 PM] Carolyn Foote says: in 1:1 laptop school, don't need labs
[12:18:34 PM] George Siemens says: using a pencil is a bit easier than a computer :)
[12:18:39 PM] Carolyn Foote says: We're building our lab with sliding glass walls
[12:18:43 PM] David Jakes says: if he doesnt like that, why does he have content teachers and tech teachers?
[12:18:45 PM] Carolyn Foote says: so we can open it to other spaces
[12:19:02 PM] Carolyn Foote says: and laptops so it can be fixed or portable
[12:19:03 PM] George Siemens says: perhaps the computer lab isn't about the tool...but rather about the development of competence
[12:19:19 PM] Carolyn Foote says: flexibility is the key?
[12:19:21 PM] David Jakes says: @george, well said
[12:19:32 PM] Dean Shareski says: the issue is awareness and sharing might not be an expert but are intimidated to ask without a connected environmnet
[12:19:33 PM] Barbara says: even without one to one i prefer the computers in the Jr High we had 15 per class
[12:19:48 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: something funky going on with wiki page
[12:19:55 PM] Kern Kelley says: we send laptops home 7th/8th graders
[12:20:28 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: i never go to take my laptop home :(
[12:20:29 PM] David Jakes says: Change is Networked...
[12:21:46 PM] Carolyn Foote says: lol..i just got edited off the wiki
[12:21:47 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: I liked Chris' answer about comp. labs. Nice balance. Learn'em the tech. (Nod to Ewan) The cut them loose everywhere.
[12:21:59 PM] Sharon Peters says: the laptop is a tool - a personal knowledge tool that should belong to the student to customize for peak efficacy
[12:22:02 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: mee too carolyn
[12:22:19 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: yeah
[12:22:19 PM] George Siemens says: Sharon - laptop is also an ideology
[12:22:24 PM] George Siemens says: a philosophy
[12:22:28 PM] George Siemens says: a sequence of affordances
[12:22:43 PM] Kern Kelley says: You have it now ;)
[12:22:45 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: through my 8 and 7th grade year my laptop was my life i did everythign on there
[12:23:03 PM] Sharon Peters says: a marketing tool for schools who have the consumer education approach (me bitter)
[12:23:15 PM] Dean Shareski says: I screwed up the wiki
[12:23:17 PM] David Jakes says: @gsiemens, what do you mean by sequence of affordances?
[12:23:30 PM] Sharon Peters says: I agree most with the sequence of affordances
[12:23:35 PM] David Jakes says: no surprise there Dean
[12:23:44 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: BTW Kayla is a student (9th grade?) I guess I outted you, huh? ;)
[12:23:50 PM] Kern Kelley says: Please note Kayla is an 8th grader (not that it matters!)
[12:23:58 PM] Sharon Peters says: @Darren - I guessed!
[12:24:02 PM] Kern Kelley says: sorry kayla
[12:24:06 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: its ok
[12:24:08 PM] Carolyn Foote says: combinations are an option--mobile labs that can go to the classrooms, but fixed labs for novices and for bigger projects, speed, etc.
[12:24:13 PM] Carolyn Foote says: hi Kayla!
[12:24:17 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: hey
[12:24:18 PM] David Jakes says: Welcome Kayla!
[12:24:20 PM] George Siemens says: David - it has, embedded in it as a medium/tool/concept certain thinks which it does well (i.e. affordances)
[12:24:21 PM] Kayla L Guillerault says: hi
[12:24:23 PM] Dean Shareski says: @David Jakes...shall I share the youtube video now?
[12:24:42 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Go ahead Dave. ;)
[12:24:53 PM] David Jakes says: Do it, I want to go viral
[12:24:56 PM] George Siemens says: the laptop, and peripherals we attach, enable different affordances/opportunities
[12:24:58 PM] David Jakes says: Thanks, George
[12:25:20 PM] Dean Shareski says:
[12:25:19 PM] Sharon Peters says: @george and dave - and the affordances that the laptop permits are highly underexplored by most teachers in a laptop setting (in my humble experience)
[12:25:30 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: frame everything we do in classrooms as an experiment
[12:25:34 PM] George Siemens says: Sharon - yes!
[12:25:40 PM] Carolyn Foote says: @christopher love that idea
[12:25:54 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @George yes. The challenge is to learn/discover/create appropriate pedagogies that exo=plore and leverage those affordances to amplif student learning.
[12:26:02 PM] David Jakes says: @csessums: that goes back to our conversation yesterday about the importance of failure.
[12:26:00 PM] George Siemens says: and part of the reason it's underexplored/utilized is due to conception of tech as too;
[12:26:02 PM] George Siemens says: tool
[12:26:27 PM] David Jakes says: also about "integrating" technology...
[12:26:45 PM] Christopher D. Sessums says: part of the water, baby!
[12:26:51 PM] George Siemens says: Well said, Darren
[12:26:52 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Chris S. Right On! I've always thought of my classroom as a laboratory.
[12:25:40 PM] Christian Long says: (ahead of the end): thanks ALL for being here and 'there'. cheers!
[12:27:09 PM] Sharon Peters says: @george - not sure I agree 100% - a tool for what?? for wordprocessing - yes! for a bit of content creation - maybe, for communication, collaboration and reflection - NO
[12:27:38 PM] George Siemens says: not sure I quite follow, Sharon...
[12:27:59 PM] George Siemens says: i'm saying tech is an instantiation of an ideology
[12:28:00 PM] David Jakes says: What would you have to do to establish a wiki about change in your building or your school district, this is Ewans idea about how public can your public body be?
[12:28:06 PM] Sharon Peters says: in my experience, most teachers have a limited view of what the tool is capable of
[12:28:11 PM] George Siemens says: which in turn generates affordances
[12:28:26 PM] George Siemens says: agree
[12:28:43 PM] Carolyn Foote says: @david teachers to use a wiki??
[12:29:02 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: @Jakes Infusing may be a better verb.
[12:29:05 PM] Dean Shareski says: Lead by example....Lead by reminder...dont' mandate
[12:29:08 PM] Barbara Peskin says: we have teachers using wikispace
[12:29:11 PM] Barbara Peskin says: kids love it
[12:29:14 PM] Sharon Peters says: yes, and if the laptop is part of a consumer view of education (we have them so students will choose to go to our school) - limits the vision of what the tool can accomplish
[12:29:15 PM] Barbara Peskin says: writing reflections
[12:28:22 PM] Kern Kelley says: in your own 'family' have to have top down support
[12:29:31 PM] Carolyn Foote says: We do too, Barbara...with kids. I see them being willing to use these tools with students more easily than for their own personal learning.
[12:29:38 PM] Carolyn Foote says: Something Will has been talking about.
[12:29:41 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Cheers! clap clap they just finished.
[12:29:46 PM] David Jakes says: They are finished, thanks all, chatcast posted at Strength of Weak Ties shortly...David
[12:29:49 PM] Sharon Peters says: some great questions - implications about the future of education covered in the presentation
[12:29:55 PM] Carolyn Foote says: applause, great skype session!
[12:29:56 PM] Barbara Peskin says: we have teachers using it for professional development class -- not as much "reflecting" as with kids but still works
[12:30:09 PM] Darren Kuropatwa says: Can you say "intoxicating?"


  • At 8:30 PM , Blogger Cathy Jo Nelson said...

    All I can say is WOW. The Skyechats add a whole new dimension to my learning. Its like picking the brains of the entire audience, and the line b/w audience and presenter has become VERY fuzzy!

  • At 6:14 AM , Blogger Doug said...

    Couldn't get to Boston this year but rsources like this keep me in touch with what happened and what was said and who said it.
    Many thanks.

  • At 11:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    David -- Thank you for taking the initiative to post the SkypeCast on your blog (and for helping people create the SkypeCast in the first place for our session).

    It's been nearly 2 weeks since we were all in Boston (or Skyping in if we were elsewhere) for BLC. Fascinating as one of the co-presenters (with Chris Lehmann) to be able to go back and re-read this transcript...a bit of an out-of-body experience, to be honest.

    Part of me -- I'm human, of course -- was curious if Chris and I were being articulate or making any points worth noticing. And if the audience (F2F and beyond) saw any/all as legit.

    Now that I've read the chat for a 4th time over a 2 week time, the most fascinating and instructive elements had NOTHING to do with Chris and I (at least not directly). The 1001 conversation threads that went on were far more compelling than the speaker comments/stories, to be truthful. I was excited to be both presenting and to also be 'in' the SkypeCast at the same time, but at the same time, I needed to come re-read it over time so I could truly appreciate each POV provided by everyone who participated via Skype.

    Truly fascinating. Truly like following the rabbit down the hole, too. And once again, thanks to David for seeing the possibilities!


  • At 9:57 PM , Blogger Dr.T said...

    Hi David,

    Check my blog ( - you’ve been tagged. Just read the directions at the top of the post.

    Have fun,


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